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Curly fo eye

I think I figured out what the cause of yesterday's bad mood was. I'm not a well man, and for once this is not merely a psychological statement. I woke up today with the kind of headache that used to be somewhat common for me but has not surfaced for quite awhile. I'm retaining a bit of water and my nose has been running like it was playing in its own Olympic games, so I have concluded that I caught a cold. Of course this morning the cable (including the Internet) cut out this morning for about 4 hours (shades of the blackout) and I couldn't find the aspirin so I had a fine old morning of sitting around in pain listening to talk radio and pretending that it didn't feel like somebody was smacking me in the side of the head with a sledgehammer. Now I'm yawney with watery eyes and no mental focus.

It's funny, I don't mind the physical pain so much as the lack of mental clarity. I'm starting to feel better, though, and I'm hoping I will have a late-night cold-sweat and then it will go away. That's a fairly common turn of events for me. I guess I can look at this as a rather unpleasant and frustrating reminder of the importance of maintaining physical health and feel good about having reduced the frequency of such colds. What's ironic is that I might have actually made it worse by exercising last night, when I was beginning to feel a little blechy. Ah the folly of youth.
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