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Work uninterrupted

TiVo watches TV FOR me while I write. I should have gotten this a long time ago. Interesting side effect from how I've been changing my life over the last week, I've stopped being hungry. Last night I had a tiny dinner, washed down with an ICE COLD Diet Pepsi (I'm sorry but there's NOTHING as nice as a drink so cold that it makes your mouth hurt.) This morning I haven't been hungry at all, though I do feel a little lightheaded so I'm going to have some oatmeal before I go to work. Meanwhile I can relax knowing that TiVo is doing all my TV watching for me and I won't miss any of my crappy programing. I have no idea why I felt compelled to watch that shit in the first place, but I think TiVo will free me from feeling like I'm missing something great, which was always the threat. I don't really have any regrets, we all mature and advance at different rates and life is not a race. I've finally accepted that. Pretty soon I'll be as mature as the average 4th grader.

I will still maintain my belief that girls have cooties though. That's a scientifically proven fact. I read it in a 2000 year old book.
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