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Just to be on the safe side, the previous post was a fabrication based on true events. lipstickboi and I are indeed together, she is a real girl, and I did make her go to my therapist. Most of the rest is a pack of falsehoods meant to amuse. Her virtue is still intact as far as I know, she is very nice and I care for her deeply, and the clinic was for my psoriasis, which she cured with a kiss.

She is not a kleptomaniac, she's actually a second grade teacher in Rego Park, and she's really great. We have a lot in common, she's fun to talk to, and she's passionate about many things. She didn't kick me in the groin when I suggested that the reason her classroom was so well air-conditioned was because she had to take care of "30 hot bodies."

Also I'm not giving her bra back.
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