Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

I'm a presumptuous asshole

On the way out of the train station today I was listening to Alice In Chains and minding my own business when I saw a small woman (probably about 3'6") struggling to get through the turnstile with her bag. She wasn't making much headway. Without even thinking I said "Why don't I lift that over for you?" Grabbed the bag and lifted it over the turnstile. She easily passed through, turned back and shot me what at first I thought was a smile, but I later realized was probably more a look of surprise. "Thanks" she said. "No problem" I said. I then left the station.

It was only a block later that I realized I hadn't waited for her to respond to my question before seizing her bag and lifting it over the turnstile. I was being completely presumptuous. I imagine she gets that quite a lot, people don't tend to take little people as seriously as we should because of their size. That doesn't excuse me being a jerk. She is an adult and it's possible she would rather struggle to get through than accept another person's help. That's certainly her choice. I should have respected it and waited for an answer.

Of course what I did is hardly horrible, but it wasn't conscientious or thoughtful. Those are two things I strive to be. And in this case, I failed.
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