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These open hands, they're tearing me apart.

My day was...well it was a day during finals week. I couldn't get my essay started no matter what I did, it was a nightmare. I worked on it for as long as I could last night but decided that sleep was more important than sitting around staring at a new word document waiting for inspiration.

I woke up this morning at around 6 AM and got to work. For most of the morning I wrote furiously getting nowhere. It was a nightmare, plenty of time but nothing to say. Then around 11:15 inspiration hit and the structure of the paper popped into my head. I wrote extra-furiously until 12:10 when I had to leave for my Lit-Hum test. The test was in a huge room and I chose a bad place to sit (I sat at a left handed desk because they are basically double seats and although I can fit into a single it's uncomfortable for me to sit crammed in there for three hours while writing. Unfortunatly this seat required I twist my body to write which caused a strain on my neck and back.) I spent 3 hours writing the exam and churned out 29 bluebook pages. It wasn't too bad, I think I did decently enough. My essays weren't perfect but considering my stress load and the fact that I was thinking about my anthro paper I at least turned in a decent effort.

After I turned in my paper (Naturally with a "I didn't really know the answers to the questions about the book but I think you'll find my essay on why Billy is the better Baldwin than Alec both delightful AND refreshing") the professor said "I learned a lot from having you in my class, thanks a lot and keep in touch" which I guess was a pretty standard comment but still made me feel good, like I deserved to be at Columbia.

After that I went to the computer lab and made some edits to my paper. It is not perfect but should certainly serve to get me the B I need for an A in the class. The professor was perched hawklike at the entrance of the building but I made it in with a cool 3 minutes to spare. Well actually 15 but I thought it was 3. Damn fast clocks.

I was supposed to meet up with Derrick but he fucked up the timing. That's okay, I'll edit his papers this weekend anyway. After that stuff I worked out and was too burnt out to do anything else so I just spent the evening reviewing for my Justice test and being relieved that I am free and clear on two classes.

Monday is going to be the killer day. I NEED to do reserach tomorrow so I can write on sunday and still get studying done.

Skin of my TEETH baby. Skin o' my teeth.
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