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I don't think you notice when you see my face, I guess you're waiting to spin me around again.

Well the hump is gotten over. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The weekend absolutely sucked, it basically consisted of alternately working and feeling like I should do work. I slacked off some but I did actually get some work done. Sunday I mostly actually did work except for the mets game. I went to the psych library and printed out 14 articles overall.

I didn't really do much studying for my Justice exam, just went over the class notes twice, but I think that I aced it. I have never been more confident in a test in my life. And it wasn't that it was a particularly easy test, it's just that I had spent the whole semester immersed in the material and grappling with it and so it was very easy to answer any questions that were asked about it since I've integrated most of it into my actual world view. That test may have been a defining moment for me. I mean compared to my psych test it was night and day and I'm not sure that the JUSTICE test was objectively more difficult. I was just much more engaged in the material and so able to do much better on it. It's proof that ability CAN depend on engagement and a strong suggestion that I might want to go with poli-sci and law and stuff that INTERESTS me (not that psychology doesn't interest me, it's just not as fascinating as politics and philosophy.) Definitly something to think about.

In contrast was my psych extra credit paper. I did a shitty job on it despite working reasonably hard. The articles I really needed I couldn't get because Columbia's shitty library service let some of its subscriptions lapse and what material I could find wasn't all that interesting. I turned it in ahead of time because I just didn't want to look at it anymore. I'm just hoping for something in the B range in that class. I think I have a decent shot, we will see. I can't believe I changed two correct answers, I need to stop going over tests and checking my answers, just go with what I think is right the first time.

Other stuff:

My mother was nuts for the whole weekend. She spent saturday morning bitching at me because I was late giving her a phone message I took while writing my Anthro paper, she took our cat to the country and lost her (possibly ran her over) AGAIN and blamed me for this because I wasn't willing to take care of her (And by not willing to take care of her she means that when she asked me whether I would take care of her or not I said "Sure" but not with enough conviction) Then she spent sunday night ridiculing me because I shaved my monobrow just to see what it would look like, and just generally being a huge pain in the ass because she was upset over what SHE did to the cat. She also tried to kick me out of the house no less than four times. Eventually she calms down but I really wish she wasn't so...fucking nuts.

So last night I saw Diana for what IS the last time. We spent a couple hours going over some statistics but mostly just chatting. It was alright although I accidentilly let slip that I hadn't done much of the reading for Lit-Hum which is something that I shouldn't have done in public. I'm just being paranoid because no professors ever go to the basement of the student center, but I wish I hadn't said it. I need to do some statistics studying myself today since what we did barely covered anything (although I did learn about her roomate's bizzare sleeping habits.) It was nice knowing her.

I ate junkfood all week, as much as I wanted basically, and only managed to gain a pound over my minimum leaving me one pound lighter than when I started finals week. Talk about reworking your metabolism. I'm back on the zone now of course, with the possible exception of wednesday night if I get really stressed out writing my Japanese History take home.

Now I just need to get motivated for the home stretch. Can't lose focus with only two assignments left. Then it's FREEDOM.

For one whole week.
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