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The noose that's kept me hanging about

Yesterday was a rollercoaster of lows, highs, and lows once more. I started out feeling good with only one project left to do. Then around 12:00 my psych TA emailed me to inform me that my extra credit paper had been late and was not going to be accepted. I responded by emailing him frantically that it HAD been on time and I had no idea what was going on. Eventually things got ironed out but I hit such a rush of anxiety and anger that it basically drained away all my energy. LAter in the day he sent out the grades and I got an A- in the class which was WAY above what I was expecting. It salvages my GPA in psych and allows me to continue being a double major psych/poli-sci for now. Of course this elation and relief made me feel like I was totally done which I most certainly was not. I still had my Japanese test to write. And I bombed it. Exhaused from stressing out and with my final reserves taken out by the psych thing I was unable to get it together enough to write a decent exam. Instead I wrote shit off the top of my head and I can't even remember what I came up with. It was hideous though. I tried to work on it more this morning but even coffee couldn't rouse me from my torpor. I worked until the deadline and just handed in what I had, shitty as it was. That'll bring down a possible A+ to A- or possibly as low as B- levels. I deserve a better grade for what I put into that class but it's not gonna happen. Oh well. I got an A in Lit-hum which is good. I also got an A in statistics which means the only A+ opportunity is anthro but I'm not going to go around complaining about As. I'm done with school now but the whole psych thing has left me crabby and irritable until grades are in. I'm also completely and utterly worn out. My mom is probably going to drag me to the country this weekend. I want to lie around and veg on anime and video games. Not to be.

School's just a waiting game now. I won't comment on the semester until I see what I get. Meanwhile I have room cleaning to do and I NEED to get back on my diet. My eating has been CRIMINAL these last few days. Understandable but still criminal. I'll write more tomorrow, right now sleep beckons and I don't have the wherewithal to resist. I just hope I can sleep until 9 AM when it's grade checking time.
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