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There's somewhere beyond this I know but I hope I can find the words to say.

Well my week of rest is pretty much up. In less than 12 hours I will be back in class, in Spanish no less, getting my study on. Over the weekend I did manage to take in Star Wars Episode 2 AND Spider Man. Both of those were films I wanted to see and I'm glad I got the chance (I also rewatched episode 1 before seeing attack of the clones. It made the experience rather interesting since I got a taste of what it will be to see them back to back, and it made Natalie Portman's character come off as just a HUGE peodophile) to see them on the big screen. Both films were good. Episode 2 was Star Wars the way Star Wars should be and although there were definitly some fairly glaring flaws, it was still damned enjoyable and I want to see it again. The biggest problem was that the guy who played Anakin appeared to believe that he was actually playing a piece of wood. Spider-Man was fun and all, definitly enjoyable despite the changes. The biggest problem there was how badly Mary Jane's character was handled. We never got any inkling as to why Peter Parker would be in love with her besides the fact that she's hot. Come on...where's that old MJ personality Stan Lee created lo those many moons ago? (Also I got sad during Uncle Ben's death scene even though everyone knew it was coming...guess that's just natural for me though.)

I did get a good deal of cleaning done and I will do more this week while I have SOME pre-internship time. I think I'm ready to go back to school. I feel fairly refreshed and I'm actually looking forward to meeting people and delving back into Spanish. I just hope I can keep my WWII class. That looks really interesting.

I was not very good diet wise this weekend. Will have to work hard to get whatever weight I gained back off but that's okay. I survived school and I'm still well below where I was at the start of finals so I was just making up for all the weight I lost during finals when I didn't have to. Yeah...that's the ticket. Anywho it's back on the wagon for me. New semester new resolve!

Not much else went on since saturday morning. I kept it low key and I feel somewhat better. That's okay though...not every day has to be full of achievement and success. Chillin like a villian is cool. Now off to bed for me so I can get up and buy my school books. A student's life...tedious but neccesary.

P.S. Columbia looked really unimpresive in Spider Man. The Campus is much grander in person. Still it was cool to see the old girl on the silver screen.
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