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The girl from music class called me and told me that the teacher had told her she wouldn't pass. To fail a graduating senior in a required class is pretty foul. To fail her in a class taught as shoddily as this one was is just plain wrong. I worry about my own grade now, but I'm more upset about this girl being failed.

First of all I told her that she probably wouldn't be flunked. It is very unusual for an instructor at my school to fail anyone who shows up to class every day and turns in all the assignments (as this girl did). It is even more unusual for them to fail a senior who has already walked, and it is also VERY strange for an instructor to do such a shoddy job with the class and still have high standards for the work being submitted. I told her that she wouldn't fail so that she would relax a little and be able to study and perform on the test, but now I feel like a heel cause I seem to have told her something that wasn't true.

I will go to bat for this girl if she wants me to. I remember all of the mistakes made by the instructor and I am willing to tell a dean about them. I also complained about the instructor to the TA a few weeks ago, so I will be able to show that this is not just griping after the fact. I also have to admit that there is a part of me that hopes this isn't resolved amicably behind the scenes so I can go to a hearing and kick the ass of the bad professor and rescue the pretty girl. Maybe that's unhealthy or chauvanistic or whatever, but whatever.

My art teacher gave me an A in the class. That's good I guess.

I've been looking for the book A Confederacy Of Dunces because the girl whose name I cannot mention (not music girl, other girl) referenced it and it was also mentioned in an article on Rosanne Barr in Esquire. This has given me a little bit of impetus to clean my room which is a COMPLETE mess, beyond what you can imagine if you've never seen it.

This entry is perhaps my worst so far because it is event laden. I don't write overly well about events. Oh well, it's not a huge deal.

I should mention that music girl's call was the first time I have been telephoned by a female around my age in forever. I'd say since Arielle when I was 16. That's like 3 years. This was not a romantic call, but it was definitly a bit nervewracking and I didn't handle myself too well, suggesting plans of actions instead of just listening. Oh well, you live you learn, you lose you learn.

I am the Dorklord King! Bow down before my ineptness with women and inability to say the right thing in a social situation. Kneel before my crummy journal entry. Don't cry for my Livejournalpeople, the truth is you never gave a damn.
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