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Everything sticks like a broken record. Everything sticks until it goes away and the truth is we don't know anything


So by last night I had no voice and my head was trying to claw itself apart from the inside. It was not a pleasant time. Frankly I don't even remember yesterday except for various moments of lucidity that all sucked.

Today was even worse. I couldn't get my work finished because I was so fucking out of it that I couldn't have told you my own name if you'd asked. Fortunatly it wasn't difficult to convince the professor that I was actually sick and deserved a break. Spanish whirred by without my being able to cognate at all.

Then I went to the doctor's office. Turned out that all I had was a slight case of Anemia. It's because I haven't been eating a lot of Red Meat recently and I made the mistake of switching to a non-iron multivitamin. The doctor didn't even mention my cold even though I sounded like a husky version of Mike Myers "Coffee Talk" Lady.

I can speak now though and I think the tide is receeding. So I'll have an Iron Laden burger for dinner and prep to finish my Spanish assignment. I NEED to get better. Can't afford to miss more work and damnit I want to BICYCLE I want to ride my goddamned bike.
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