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And twisted thoughts that spin, round my head I'm spinning.

Life shrugs onward.

My mother left for South Africa today which means I'll finally have some serious alone time. I'm looking forward to it I think. I like being able to stretch out and just relax for an entire night...or even a week.

Unfortunatly...right now I'm lonely. Which is rare but not unheard of for me.

See I've been working on that Spanish oral project and its eerie similarity to my last one has dredged up unwelcomed memories...sweet at first but ultimatly bitter. Once again, for some god forsaken reason, I'm playing the male romantic lead in a stupidly constructed skit.

There are differences in the situation. Edward is in the group too so the setting is not at all intimate like the whole empty classroom in an empty building thing was. Also I don't have a huge, or even a small, crush on this girl so there's none of that electric time standing still feeling. But there's a moment in the script where her hand touches mine and it brings me back to another of those moments and everything that happened there.

And I don't really want to remember.

Oh well...such is life. Take the blows, walk through them, and keep on going through the rain until you can't walk anymore or you drown.

I need to focus more on finals coming up this week but I can't wrap my mind around it. Things have been moving too fast and it doesn't FEEL like the end. But it is. So I need to buckle down.

There's more I like to say but I REALLY need to sleep.

Wladamir Klitchko's beating of Ray Mercer means nothing because Ray was a shot fighter long ago. He should be in there with Shannon Briggs as a tune up, then Holyfield, THEN Lewis. That's the ideal for him.

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