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I was supposed to hang out with some high school buddies today, but they ditched me because they are punks so I hung out with Hee-Ann and his "friend" from DC instead. I just managed to basically force them out of my house because the friend was really getting on my nerves and I wanted some alone time. I feel like I'm outgrowing my companions and I don't know what to do about it. When you'd rather be alone then with a couple other guys I think that shows a definite lack of socialization, especially since I don't exactly have reams of friends.

That girl from music class called me again today to talk about an email I sent her listing our teacher's sins. I almost felt like I felt a little hint of friendship or something being implied by her, but since The Incedent I definitly don't trust my instincts when it comes to females so I think I will just leave her alone.

5+ weeks without class is a somewhat scary proposition. My social contact will be down to about zero and I'm worried I will get lonely. Either that or I'll actually LIKE it, not sure which is more frightening. I wish I hadn't made those guys leave, but I also don't really want them back. I'm sort of caught between what I actually want and what I should want. Head or heart? THat's always the question.
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