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Remember this is just a temporary trip

That week swirled down the drain faster than you can say "Dual flush action." True it's only friday and I have another 8 hours of work to get through, but things still whipped by at an unprecedented pace. I haven't even recreated since monday unless you count getting on the bike as recreation (I count it as exercise even though it's fun). That's pretty unusual for me.

Anyway there's not much for me to say except that I've been extraordinarily busy. I mean things have happened, I used the wrong bank account when withdrawing money so I'm 100 bucks overdrawn and I'll have to drop a check from the other account into that one to cover it since I'm not getting paid for awhile, and some bitch in my WWII class disagreed with what I said in class and refused to let me explain it prefering instead to hear the explanation of some other bitch who had no idea what was being said. Little tip for the testasterone deprived, just because someone else has the same disability that you do doesn't mean she knows anything about anything.

I'd done ALL the reading this time too and I was answering the most questions out of anybody in the class. Just because people aren't capable of understanding what I have to say doesn't mean that they are smarter than me. The professor agrees, isn't that a sign that hey, I might just know what I'm talking about?

Work has been going okay. I was really tired yesterday and got confused because the statistics were all wonkey (when you get an error rating more than 10,000,000 times larger than your reading that is not a good thing) I'll rebound today though.

The one thing I need to get under control is my diet. The bicycling has prevented me from gaining back weight but the eating has prevented me from losing it. I have GOT to reign things in and get back on track. I haven't lost any ground so I won't be working off my mistakes, and that's good, but damn it I NEED to start losing again.

Other than that things have been going pretty well. I just wish I had a LITTLE more time. On the other hand, maybe it's good for me to keep busy.

Who can say.
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