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The clock that tells the time that is running out on you.

I have a mid term in less than two hours. I'm mildly prepared but I should review before it.

My boss brought her 16-18 (somewhere in there) year old daughter to work today. I felt somewhat awkward but worked fairly hard at keeping my cool and focusing on the task at hand and cracking the same jokes I would anyway. It's just a somewhat awkward situation because the whole dynamic is significantly altered.

The most uncomfortable part was when her daughter was crouching down to get waterbottles and her pants literally slipped down to her thighs, leaving like 3/4 of her panty-clad butt just hanging out there. Why the hell do women wear pants that DO not stay on under normal conditions? This has always confused and irritated me.

I did a damned good job of not looking though, only seeing once when I first noticed it and once more on an involuntary glance of less than 2 seconds while I was scanning the room with my eyes as I always do because I'm a restless motherfucker (this was over the course of like 2 minutes.)

Still quite awkward. Even moreso because her mother, my boss, was in the room.

Also there's a headline on my AOL IMer newsticker saying "Celine Dion developing fragrance."

I LOVE that.

There are just so many GREAT responses to that headline. "Oh, I didn't know she was FRENCH Canadian." "It's about time she stunk as badly as her music does." "Is someone else doing the workouts for her and she's just doing the sweating?" (She doesn't write her own songs, the hussy.)

Can you tell I'm nervous about my midterm? If not please get your people-perception faculty checked.
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