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He took the seat off his own bike because the way that it felt.

Because I have been sedentary and eating badly recently, and because I needed to clear my head after the stresses of last week, I ended up doing 6 laps around the park today. That's not really SO much, but since it's double what I usually do...well...

It hurt.

I took a couple short breaks for water and gatoraid (I HATE stopping when I'm on my bike but you read about how dangerous the heat can be for big guys and suddenly the whole pride thing seems less important. Better to be hydrated and have to say that I took two water breaks then to have a heat stroke but be able to claim more determination.) but other than that I just rode and rode and rode.

It was actually quite nice to go for a long, rigorous, ride. Riding a bike is kind of like being on a mini-vacation. You get to see lots of stuff, go to (not so) exotic places, and most importantly you get a chance to actually THINK since you CAN'T be doing homework or working or what have you.

Anyway I'm amazingly sore right now, my left hand is STILL tingling from holding the handlebar, and I'm trying to gather enough muscular strength to walk my ass to the library and get some readings for WW II class.

Now for some observations that I had during the ride:

First off, I have to admit that if you like to look at female flesh central park is not a bad choice. Everywhere around there were attractive women in skimpy clothes. Now normally I am oblivious to this or at BEST irritated by it, but this time the abundance of attractive women was so overwhelming that I actually enjoyed it. There were some pretty attractive men too, although FAR too many guys with their shirts off, especially those who had business even thinking about removing their shirts. Still, there were a couple guys who were straight up chisled. Not nearly as nice as all the girl's tight little butts bouncing along as they jogged, I'll grant you, but only a homophobe can't appreciate how majestic a well muscled male body can be. Don't know why anyone would want to TOUCH one though.

In addition to all the cute women there were some crazy ones. Now I realize that crazy woman is a redundant saying, but there were a bunch of mothers pushing their baby carriages SKIPPING along after some woman with a stick of bells. What the hell is up with THAT? I mean even for WOMEN that's some crazy shit. I can sort of accept the skipping, I can ALMOST accept the bells, but what the hell are you dragging your kid along to that for? HE'S not exercising. Plus all the women exercising with their infants are exposing them to danger. One walked out right in front of me and STOPPED as I was whizzing down a hill. I slammed on the brakes and skidded to a stop about 10 feet in front of her (I don't take chances with the safety of children.) She looked at me with a horrified look and mumbled sorry. I just looked her right in the eye and rode on past. I wanted to say "Don't say sorry to ME lady. You made me lose a little momentum tackling this next hill. Big whoop, I'll get over it. SAy sorry to your kid because you just put him in harm's way. If you're caring for a baby try NOT stopping in the middle of a busy bikepath at the bottom of a very steep hill." but I'm too young to lecture 30+ year old women about caring for their children.

I feel bad for park vendors. They have to deal with a LOT of damp money as sweaty people out for a day of exercise buy gatoraid and water.

On the way back from the park there was a car blocking the bike path. A car with South Carolina plates. ooooOOOOOOooooo.

Handbikes are cool.

Okay, that's all. You may now carry on with your day.
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