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I'll be fine it's not the first, just like last time but a little worse

This week has been pretty hellacious in almost all respects. On wednesday in Spanish we had a sub. Not only did he fail to teach us anything or make any sense but he made us stay the whole time. He also didn't take our essays which meant I was forced to work on mine for another night (no way I could just hold it and hand it in the next day without editing at least a little.) Work on thursday was a trainwreck. First of all my boss's annoying daughter was back. She tried to talk to me a couple of times about random stuff but I ignored her and she got the message. The morning was spent getting data ready for entry. Then I went up to do some data recording. Initially I was supposed to take the daughter but when it was time to go nobody mentioned that she should go with me and she was otherwise engaged so I went by myself. I was looking forward to doing some recording alone for once. Unfortunatly by the time I got up there she was already there (I have to go the long way with the cart) and she proceeded to get in my way for the next couple hours. Fortunatly she got bored and left. Unfortunatly when I went back down Andrea tore me a new asshole over using "her computer" Her computer that actually belongs to her boss. Her boss who said I could use it.

Some days you just can't win.

Thursday night I bombed my Spanish test, along with everyone else, and collapsed.

Today I spent relaxing and playing NCAA 2003...which was quite refreshing. I also went to the library to get some books, but UNFORTUNATLY the book I needed most of all wasn't on reserve or there and I found out that I had read 100 pages of the wrong book due to my professor's fuckup.

I have a STUPID oral project meeting on sunday so I NEED to start my papers tomorrow.

This is not going to be a good weekend at all.

I'm also INCREDIBLY irritable and have been snapping at people left and right which is probably going to bite me in the ass eventually.

Like I said, it's been a helacious week.
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