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It wasn't a part of me. A realization of how things are going to be.

Columbia University. Ivy League school located in the center of the universe (as we locals humbly refer to New York City.) 14 billion dollar endowment. Known for its academic rigor, vast and far reaching tradition of excellence, powerful inroads into the places of power in this country, and GROSS ADMINISTRATIVE INCOMPETANCE.

3 guesses as to which of these aspects of my fine, fine, school I want to talk about today.

Little hint, it's not the tradition of excellence.

That's right, the Columbia University administration has once again put me in an irritating position that I'm going to have to spend a fair amount of time sorting out. The big thing is that I can't get into a section of contemporary civilization. The generically named western philosophy class I need to graduate. You're supposed to take it in sophomore year, but I didn't and I need to get into a section now. This shouldn't be a problem since there are more than 60 sections and I have plenty of room in my schedule.

HA...fat chance. Not only can't I get into any of the sections that work with my schedule, but the one section that actually has room can't be registered for via phone because...well...because the Columbia administration is a giant lump of stupid. My advisor promised me it wouldn't be a problem because they would open up some new sections before the schoolyear started. Yeah...ummm...not so much apparently. Now I'm going to have to fill out a thousand forms and do a billion random things just to get into this stupid class that I should have preference for anyway.

And I might miss the first class of whatever section they let me into. I HATE missing the first class...HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. I might be able to escape this fate if I get a wednesday class...but if I can't I will be one decidedly unhappy camper.

Other wonky crap they keep pulling:

having the Telephone registration system go down for a long time during my ONE measly day of late pre-semester registration. If you're going to restrict me like this at least make the damned system work.

Continuing to try to get me to pay for their medical insurance even though I've filed many forms stating I have my own and don't want to pay for theirs. It's not like they profit from the insurance (at least I THINK they don't...the money should go to chickering) so why make me jump through hoops every semester?

Not giving me an advisor. Yeah...This is really REALLY annoying. I'm still emailing my freshman advisor...who they didn't give me either. I just sort of stumbled into her load. She's really nice and smart and helpful and all but she's not really good at advising for Junior year since she's a FRESHMAN advisor and all. You suck Columbia.

Allowing women into the school in 1984. Okay...well I can't claim that this was a surprising or irrational decision...but I still resent it.

If this school wasn't free I'd complain that I wasn't getting my money's worth.

In other news I think I've pretty much decided that I'm not going to be a least not involved in research. It's not that the material isn't interesting it's just that my daydreaming is naturally drifting more and more to law and law related pursuits and I think it's a sign that that's where my interests lie. To tell the truth I was pretty disillusioned by working in a lab and seeing how hamstrung everyone was by red tape and petty bickering. They can't even throw away broken stuff without getting permission from Albany. They have all kinds of junk in their lab that they can't toss because Albany apparently believes that there's a very large chance that bat detectors from 1963 will be very useful to them. Nevermind that using such ancient equipment introduces so much error that no journal would publish the results of a study that used it.

Then there was Blumburg who ate up years of their lives with his crackpot theories that they needed to take painstaking procedures to disprove and that just morphed like a hydra upon defeat (No it's not cardiac's temperature measurement! That's the ticket!)

I know law's even dirtier but at least there you KNOW that you're dealing with snakes, sharks, and dodos. Science is supposed to be at least a little pure...yeah...not so much.

Anyway I doubt I'll do law either since as SO many people have pointed out to me I don't have rubber ethics or good ass-kissing skills...which are 75% of the lawyer profession. I'm a damned convincing arguer and a good deducer in my fantasy world of pride and ethics with fair courts and no corruption I think I'd make a damned good lawyer. Of course in said fantasy world I'd also make an excellent NFL quarterback and a damned fine Duchess of York...but that's neither here nor there.

I really don't know what I'll do but it's looking like psychology is less and less likely. It's still a possibility and I'll finish the major because...well..why the hell not? but I'm not putting all my eggs in that basket.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just skip the tough decisions and boring parts of life and get right to the kicking ass? Jeff is thinking of life as something to be gotten through so I can reach the fun part is not at all healthy but how can I help it when I'm neck deep in bullshit with nobody around to lean on? It's either get to the unpleasant work of digging or get to like the taste of cow feces.

And I'm a damned picky eater.
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