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You talk about the world like it's someplace that you've been.

Another day...another $800 in books. Seriously, I'm paying more for the stupid books than I am to attend the damned school. Classes should not average over $100 in's just plain silly...even more so when you consider how impossible the reading assignments are. If I actually read everything that I was assigned I would end up doing something on the order of 1200 pages a week...on a light week. Some it would rise to 2000. Who is going to read 1200-2000 pages a week? I think that if professors actually thought about what students would read and assigned the most important works accordingly school would go a lot better. Picking everything relevant and just assigning it all for the hell of it benefits nobody. Especially since the students who do ALL the reading get screwed anyway as after a point it isn't going to help their grades, and a good deal of it tends to be repetitive crap that doesn't teach all that much.

My classes were alright today. American Foreign Policy looks pretty interesting. The professor seems to be an alright guy and all the tests are going to be essay, which is a boon to me since I almost never do poorly on essay tests and absolutely hate preparing for multiple choice/fill in the blanks ones.

Millenial Culture: Japan looks interesting. The professor seemed to be pretty laid back, which is nice, although she used a ton of big fancy words just to use big and fancy words. Calendric, Millinarian, etc... I understand what they mean but there are ways to phrase the same concepts that are slightly less arcane...when you break out over five different adjectives related to the word millenium in the syllabus...well it looks like you're trying a bit too hard. The readings look like a TON of fun though, and we get to watch 3 anime movies (all of which I own on DVD...heh...) which is ALWAYS a plus for me. It doesn't look like a particularly tough or rigorous course but it looks like it'll be a hoot and I deserve to have at least one class that's going to be lots of fun so I'm keeping it.

I got off on the wrong foot with Contemporary Civilization. I looked up the room location on the internet since it's not on campus, but when I got to the place where the building was supposed to be there were just a bunch of storefronts and a public library. Eventually I went back to campus and asked a security guard (Yes I'm a man but I can ask for directions...after I've exhausted every other possibility) who told me that the entrance was on 114 street instead of 113. Then when I got there I wasn't let in because I don't have dorm access. I had to sign in and get my ID confiscated and basically waste 5 minutes of my time. Thank you very much Columbia for assigning me ANOTHER class in a building I don't have access too. It's really very thoughtful of you. Now if you'd just assign all my FUTURE courses in ICELAND or perhaps SOMALIA that would be much appreciated. There's nothing worse than actually being able to physically go to a course where attendance is MANDATORY and class participation is a SIGNIFICANT PART OF THE GRADE. I mean...if I could get in I might...pass...or something.

Once I got into class I answered a lot of questions to make up for lost time I think I made up for my lateness. This teacher is the one I like least out of this semester's crop. She seems nice enough but she has SEVERE language issues and her style seems culturally quite different as well. I don't have a chance in hell of getting into another section of CC this semester so I'll have to tough it out. At least she's not mean...if she was I'd consider dropping the class. Communication problems is a significant strike in a philosophy class...but communication problems and a bad attitude is an automatic out.

So my classes for this semester seem to be a pretty decent bunch. I'm actually excited about all but two of them...the intro to American Politics which looks to be a bit simplistic and CC where I'll be struggling to understand and communicate with the teacher. The assignments don't look as nasty as they were last semester (Fewer papers and as far as I can tell no tests that don't at least have an essay component.) Hopefully I can have a pretty decent time during my last super busy semester. I don't feel overwhelmed yet and the book buying period is always the worst. Especially when you lay down 800 greenbacks for a single semester. Jesus people it's just some paper and cardboard I'm buying...not a goddamned automobile.

I'm thinking about not doing the GED thing this semester. I worked hard over the semester and could use a break. Plus I don't know how much time I'll be able to devote to it or whether I have any impetus for it this semester. MAybe I'll pick it up again next semester when my courseload won't be so heavy...I hope.

Right now I should be doing reading...and I will do some of it...but I'm also contemplating a pretty major decision. There's a club I want to check out at 8:00 PM tomorrow but the GIANTS season opener is at 8:30. This is a one time only conflict...but a conflict it is. Right now I'm leaning towards taping the game to watch Friday morning and checking out the club. If it sucks like a Thai hooker I can make it back in time for opening kickoff and if it's cool I can always avoid looking at the paper until I've seen the game myself. Alternatively I could check the final score and only watch it if the giants do a decent job. I do not like seeing my team get slaughtered which I think is going to happen. The 49ers just have too many weapons on offensive and the giants have major problems with their linebacking corps, their offensive line, their coverage unit, their special teams, and their offensive backfield....

Maybe I shouldn't bother taping the game after all. I mean I want to see Shockey do his thang in his first meaningful game but I also don't want to see Terrel Owens run up and down the field with impunity, getting on a first name basis with the end zones in Giant's stadium. Or Tiki Barber get injured. Or Kerry Collins fumble the ball. Or a lot of missed field goals.

Maybe I should have ESPN blocked on my television set.
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