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You can look outside your window, he doesn't have to know.

I feel a little better today than I did while writing Moby Entry last night. Despite still feeling sick this morning I did manage to make it to the club fair on campus. I signed up for the mock trial club which I need to try out for...but should make at least as a witness. There were a few other clubs that looked sort of interesting but they were mostly athletic clubs which I need to be more fit before I join, or more serious debate clubs which I don't want to join while I'm taking 20 credits. Philo and Mock Trial should be more than enough for one semester...right?

I don't know...I still feel like I'm in highschool. I mean I live at home and walk accross the street to go to school, I don't engage in any drugging, drinking, or inappropriate interaction with the vile gender, and I certainly haven't built up a circle of friends who I talk with late into the night about philosophy or any such thing.

Of course part of all that has to do with my interests, and the fact that few people can keep up with me in serious conversation. Those conversations that I do have with my fellow students tend to end in either a deadlock or my convincing them of my point. Rarely do they try to argue against what I say through logic. It's frustrating.

I don't know...I guess I just wasn't designed for college. I'll get my degree...probably go on to grad school with possibly a year of work in between...and then head off to my career. No need for partying, alcoholism, or ilicit relationships with the bumpy chests along the way...right? I don't even need that much in the way of friendship. I should stop worrying so much about norms...I'm not normal.

On a couple of side notes, my housekeeper's back went out on her so now we're sans cleaning lady. That sucks big time...

Also we're doing Rosh Hashana at our house this year which means dealing with a bunch of people who annoy me in a stupid ceremony that none of us believe in. We're all ATHEISTS you dumbass...why bother celebrating some stupid Jew holiday? I know my great grandpa was a bigshot rabbi but there ain't been religion in this family for a century. Time to give it up.
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