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I'm not queer I'm too ugly.

I wonder why Albert Brooks doesn't get more press as a filmaker. Every time I see one of his underappreciated masterpieces I can't help but boggle at the fact that a guy like Quentin Tarantino can be considered a genius after making 3-4 (admitidly pretty great) movies but Albert Brooks is pretty unknown after cranking out a half dozen absolute classics. Today I saw most of Defending your life AGAIN and I absolutely loved it again. This movie has the perfect mixture of satire, pure comedy, and even a touch of depth and message, to be considered a cinematic classic...yet it's not even as popular as a movie like Airplane which was funny but does not have as much to say.

I guess it's probably, sadly, because Brooks is something of a cerebral filmaker.'s sad that he gets no press. I hope he keeps making movies though. I thought "Mother" was absolutely hilarious.
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