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I think you better turn your ticket in, and get your money back at the door.

I've had a pretty lousy week which is finally starting to wind down, thankfully. One more day of relatively light classes and I'm done until monday. This is a good thing since I think I can only handle one more day before I need to refuel.

Today started half decently with my foreign policy class which looks like a frontrunner for my favorite class of the semester. I noticed that two of the officers of the Mock Trial club are in that class, the guy who was at the table on club recruitment day and the insanely gorgeous president. This perturbs me somewhat since it means that after I am rejected by the club I will still have to see its members twice a week. I do, however, like the fact that I will get the satisfaction of most likely outscoring them on the tests, since they're in essay form and I am in top form on essay form tests.

After class I hung out with a friend from highschool, Nemanja, who is also in the class, very briefly. Then I went home and had some soup, which seemed a good idea at the time.

My anthro class was at 2 and went alright. It's very relativistic and dogmatic which I don't like but there are actually interesting points burried in all the hogwash and the seminarosity of it is good. Like I said though it did bring up some interesting issues of the reflexivity and immediacy of the media and how that fucks with perspective and temporal placement etc. I think I should keep it.

After that class was CC which sucked, of course, but was bearable. I said a lot of stuff, listened to some mildly interesting comments, and managed to sit through the 110 minutes without going nuts. The teacher said she appreciated my comments so I will continue making them.

I need to get to the weekend so I can make up some of the reading, get some rest, and find a ryhthm for the semester.

Right now the thing that's weighing most heavily on me is the Mock Trial tryout. Need to get that out of the way so I can feel terrible for being rejected and rail against them for not recognizing my brilliance.

Then I can get down to the business of doing well in all 6 classes and surviving yet another semester of aimless overindulgence in school in the hope that I will somehow find inspiration among the insipid.

I am SO ready for a change but I don't think one will come. I'm stuck again in my life with no hope of getting free.

There's something ironic about having such a bright future by conventional standards and a non-existant one by your own lights. I have ambition without focus and success without self-confidence.

At least this life has been lousy enough to burn off a LOT of bad karma.
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