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Well I just watched a truly schmaltzy movie, The Family Man and I must confess I really enjoyed it. Now I undestand that this film is pretty much nothing but manipulative cheese, but it had a profound effect on me. Not because of what WAS in it but because of what wasn't. There was no cynacism, no true regrets, no unfathomable pain, no REALISM. The film also lacked most of the stuff that I think I like in movies, subtext and intellectual stimulation, complexity and conflict, enigma or suspense. All it had was simple family cheese and a slightly disturbing message that pesonal redemption is never out of reach (or that we don't have to pay for the mistakes in judgement we make.)

Why did I like it then?

Because secretly I am a hopelessly schmaltzy, cheesy person. Underneath all the cynacism and pain and just plain wierdness I do want the white picket fence and all that stuff. I just don't believe I'll ever get it, so I bury the truth beneath layers of false sophistication. It's sad I guess.

There WERE problems with the movie though, and I took a catalog of them. First of all they wasted Jeremy Piven in a supporting role as the best friend and then basically wrote him out of the movie. He is a favorite actor of mine and I think introducing a best friend character only to drop him halfway through the movie is shoddy writing/editing. The same with the woman who Nick Cage's character was supposed to be considering an affair with. She served absolutely no purpose except to affirm the character's new found devotion to his new wife, and she had way too much screentime for that simple purpose. She should have either been the source of an important conflict or she should have been left on the chopping room floor. I didn't think it was an interesting subplot and the movie DID clock in at 126 minutes, so I think the later would have been a better choice. The movie seemed to have a family oriented message and yet it failed to truly be anti greed. By not putting in a little section about how Cage's money was all tied up in stock options and that his letting the merger fall apart would ruin him, the movie allowed the character to go for both the love AND the money in the end. That seriously damaged the film's message, not that it was ever an overly moral tale. I just don't think the film makers should have discarded the purpose behind Don Cheadle's character.

The thing of it is that when I think of professional success (putting aside ALL the stuff about women for just a moment) I don't dream of leather couches and 25 year old scotch. I mean I want some sort of financial success and security, but I also want balance. Business and the millions that come with it are NOT for me. I couldn't imagine waking up each morning for 40 years saying "What am I going to do today....attempt to make myself more money." Give me "Mold young minds" or "Create Art" or "Solve a difficult problem" or almost anything else. I'm not sure why I'm putting this here except that I found all the business sequences in the film annoying and a little offensive.

My cleaning lady cleaned my refrigerator out without asking whether I wanted that and I got really pissed. I didn't say anything but I stormed in and out and back in again to get a (warm) diet coke. She left without cleaning the rest of the house or leaving a note so I don't know if she was just offended or if she quit. Either way I don't really care, she threw away a ton of my food without asking me and since nobody else is living in this house right now she had no right to do so. My mother's hand reaches all the way from South Africa to shovel shit into my face.

I realize that I write in this journal too much but I feel that it is helpful and there is no point in restraining myself from it. If you don't like it move along (as everyone apparently has.) Maybe if I catalog all the shit that I think and then let slide as I ricochet from one mood and frame of mind to another I can make some sense of it. Maybe not. Either way, screw you my unspoken critics. Pointless to say but I'm just THAT insecure.
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