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I been up all night.

I survived today and all I got was this lousy journal entry.

It was one of those long, hard, days, that's extremely taxing when you're going through it and somewhat satisfying when it finally limps to a close.

My classes were mostly non-memorable if somewhat interesting affairs. My discussion section was rather painful since I hadn't done any of the reading and it was very reading focused but I did an okay job.

After DS I was walking home but I bumped into Hee-Ann so we grabbed some dinner at Tom's. It was good but that left me with zero time before the Philolexian society.

I went there and managed to give my speech pretty early since not a ton of people were there. I got some huge laughs with some of my prepared lines (Such as "Just like Jews Dogs seek to control the media," and "I'm going to say some words now that may disturb you if you are or have ever been a child.") and basically stole the night with a very good speech that other people referenced all night. The only problem was that I forgot to include the part about how dogs take the jobs of well qualified pigs.

The other speeches of the night varied between stupid and amusing and I'd say it ranked between the first and second time in terms of quality of experience. There was also Pupkin which was pretty horrible.

After the club we went to V&T and chatted. I met one of Avi (a guy from my highschool)'s friends. She was pretty nice although she definitly didn't approve of my political views. I also met some chick from ohio who was such a stereotypical flake girl that I wondered whether it was a cultivated act or not.

After the pizza Avi and his friend (I believe her name was Andrea) and I broke off from the main group heading off to get drunk and went and talked for awhile. Well basically I expounded my political philosophy and they laughed at it and made some comments of their own. It wasn't a bad time and we ended up staying until 3:15 (Although Avi left at around 2:40 because he has class tomorrow.) It was my first late night College philosophy talk, but unfortunatly we mostly discussed my philosophies.

Anyway I'm tired and I really need some sleep so I guess I won't get bogged down in details or specifics or amusing anecdotes. Suffice it to say that it was a fitting ending to a tough week and I NEED this weekend to recover.
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