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You know it's really not a good thing to give everything to me.

I have had a pretty decent day doing absolutely nothing. And by saying "absolutely nothing" I am not exagerating. After a severly stressful and difficult week I have enjoyed a day of blissfull laziness, I didn't even bother going shopping for the suit I'll need for my cousin's wedding in a few weeks. I'll have to do that next week. Today was just about sitting back and letting my poor beleagured brain get its rest on. I have a LOT of homework and I'll get it done over the weekend but for now I couldn't be happier to have gotten some rest. It's needed from time to time. I'm glad I have fridays free.

Nothing's happened today but there are a couple things that went on yesterday that I might as well jot down.

-I finally got my rejection notice from Mock Trial. It was rude and inconsiderat...instead of doing something classy like listing the candidates accepted they sent out a rather unkind rejection notice. That cements my decision to be bitter about this bullshit. The members better hope that they don't find themselves in a situation where they need my help. I'm almost always willing to aid anyone and I never get ANY help from ANYONE myself...but if you want to be a group of jackasses don't expect shit from me.

-The Philolexian society has decided to debate the resolution "Women have no souls" in a couple weeks. I'm pretty excited about this and might actually do some research if I have the time. I think I've established myself as one of the top speakers in the group (at least if laughter and applause are any indicator) and I want to go all out with this resolution since it fits me so well. I might even volunteer to post some of the notices of it up on the Barnard campus where all the women's studies majors and feminutballs gather. That should be some good clean fun.

-I am doing my stupid project on Puerto Rico because someone else grabbed South Africa. Should be interesting though.
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