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Ugh, I watched Pitch Black on Showtime last night. It was okay, certainly not as good as I'd been told it would be, but anyway it's about these aliens who are scared of light and huddle away from it but charge as soon as it is extinguished or whatever. There were PLENTY of innacuracies and mistakes in it (The aliens are afraid of light but the humans don't have much light on the planet because it only gets dark on occasion. So anyway the main climax of the movie comes when the people have to run to their ship during an eclipse because the eclipse is going to last a long time and they are running out of light, but first they have to get powercells from another ship. When they get to that ship they find that the powercells have a lot of glow tubing around them. Well the reason that they didn't want to sit tight before is because they knew that they were going to run out of light. Once they have the power cells and the glow tubing they have what amounts to a limitless light source, cause power cells designed to drive a space ship could provide copious light for an indefinite period of time. So why don't they sit tight at that point instead of running out and getting 4 people killed? No reason given.)

Anyway the reason I mentioned pitch black was not to insult it, it was just that during the night the cat kept making noises at me from behind various objects. Like I'd wake up to hear noises in the shadows and I'd go investigate and it would be the cat playing with her scratching post, or with a sheet of paper or whatever. So I slept with the kitchen light on because I have a terrifying imagination when it comes to this stuff. So I'm tired and I'm supposed to work out with Charles in two and a half hours. So dang.

I can't find the GED book for the class tomorrow. Gonna have to either search for it or get a new one. If I get a new one I will get a new confederacy of dunces I think. I need to clean my room though and having that book lost in it helps to motivate me. Decisions decisions. Heh, my life is excruciatingly boring right now, but I did start working on Charles' play before aborting it. That's progress.

The internet gets further and further devoid of interesting content by the day. It's straight up freaky up in here. There are a bunch of journals that I kinda like but I think I'm going to halt the advice giving racket altogether because I'm too insecure to be telling people stuff about themselves, even if I still feel that it's correct. I can't present a front of omniscience when I don't have it.

Been watching a lot of movies recently. I take that as a good sign.

I don't intend to end up like this, I have the desire to claw my way out. Now would someone kindly tell me which way is up?
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