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I know that something bad is gonna change.

The shortened week is over and it went surprisingly easily. Indeed I dare say it was the first week of this semester where no major issue cropped up and sent me reeling. That's a good thing.

Today was actually kind of fun. American Foreign Policy is turning into a pretty entertaining class...The professor has just enough of an ideological edge not to depress me and enough realism so that I feel that I'm actually learning stuff. I really appreciated how he evaluated the actual validity of the four approaches he described today in class. If I were in a hip-hop paradigm I might even give him some of the mad props.


Milennial Futures: Japan went alright today. The article we were discussing was actually somewhat interesting and the discussion was not that bad although I did find it annoying that the profesor insisted that the concept of the sublime was very specific in its usage in this example, but that it was also impossible to define. How can something be very specific and impossible to define at the same time? WTH?

There were also two incidents during class that I quite enjoyed. The first was when some chick and the professor were spending the first 15 minutes of class discussing electric typewriters for their own amusement while everyone else just sort of stood around waiting for the REAL class to start. The chick proclaimed that she knew her typewriter was electric because "I plug it in" (I shit you not. She said that.) but that she knew nothing more about it. Anyway I turned to Ian (a guy I was vaguely aquainted to from my JUSTICE class) and murmured " mean it's not a crank job?" and mimed cranking. He just rolled his eyes slightly and subtly made a "Yak-Yak-Yak" sign with his hand. I just nodded slightly in agreement but internally my heart leapt. Somebody else recognized how STUPID this discussion was and what a waste of class time. It wasn't just me sitting around in a room of brainwashed, mentally conditioned, knee-jerk subjectivist feminized people. There was another REAL GUY in there with me. Now I know he's a pretty big leftist and doesn't agree with my analysis a lot but I was very happy nonetheless to know that not everybody was buying into this paradigm of "education."

Also there was the time I made a comment trying to better understand a concept and the professor responded. I just looked her straight in the eye trying to understand what she was saying and after a slight pause she started talking again. This happened several times and I wasn't sure what to do...I didn't want to claim to agree with her because I didn't but I didn't want to just flat out say "You're not really making much sense" so I just waited for her to move on. This happened about 4-5 times until she addressed a question to me and I asked "Me?" since she had been talking for about 7 minutes and I had not so much as nodded. She snapped back "Of course! We're having a conversation." I found this amusing for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that it jibbed with her idea of what a seminar class consists of...which is mostly just her talking (What do you mean BOTH people have to talk for it to count as a conversation?). Anyway it also made me think that I had perhaps managed to get under her skin a little since she was clearly trying to get me to agree with her and figured that I wasn't doing so even though I hadn't said a word.Payback for her complaining about my raising my hand. Plus I got another check plus on my assignment while other people continue to struggle so perhaps I have earned some grudging respect. Of course my work's only good in comparison to the slackers in the class...but I've covered that enough recently.

I did, however, make a mistake during that class in that a couple of girls in the class stated that they weren't going to be able to make the showing of Akira on monday and I stated that I had the special edition DVD so now they are going to borrow it. I don't like lending stuff to strangers but it should be okay. One of them is actually quite attractive with an astoundingly fascinating voice, but that's not really relevant.

After Millenial Futures I went to a lecture on how children learn words. It was quite good, given by a humorous young professor from Yale who made a bunch of excellent jokes. It was great to learn something without worrying about being tested on it later. I just wish that more college learning was like that...but it's not. It's all about performance not the sheer love of information and concepts.

CC went fast but was pretty boring. Not much more to say on that issue.

The only downside to the week was that my in class comments either weren't up to snuff or tended to fall upon deaf ears in the rather lousy instructors I have this semester. Anyway I should be able to shore them up by doing more reading and my actual work has been good enough so I'm not too worried. More than one third through the semester already. I just might survive this...assuming mid terms aren't phenomenally tough, which they shouldn't be.

I'm going to write and post my response to "Resolved: Women have no souls." At some point before I actually give it in Philo in an attempt to have a well thought out speech before I go up there. It will hopefully be about half offensive/half amusing. My goal is to either be extensivly censured or have someone inform me that I am banned from the Full Philo dating service. Wish me luck.
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