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You make me feel so strange.

I had another of those incidents that disrupt my comfortable feeling of anonymity at college again today. While I was waiting for my foreign policy discussion section to start a girl came in and asked me whether I had taken Justice with professor Johnston the semester before. I answered that I had and she said that she remembered my voice. I made a joke about how it must be because of my thick accent (I have been told that I have the blandest voice in the history of...voices) and she said that it was because she remembered all the good comments I had made...

This is not the first time that this has happened but I would like it to be the last. Look, I like to talk in class...I don't deny that...but I kind of assume that people just sort of forget that stuff when class is over and it's conversation without consequences. The idea that some girl would remember me 4 months later makes me uneasy because it reminds me of all the stupid shit I've said over the years and how that might be attached to my name. I prefer to be just another face in the crowd.

Furthermore I don't understand why it's only girls who remember me this way. It's happened numerous times now and it's sort of weird. It could be related to the fact that I actually talk to guys in my classes so I am unsurprised when they remember me (I mean I'm not shocked when Hee-Ann recognizes me on the street.) It could be that girls are just more apt to hand out meaningless compliments becuase they're socialized to be sugar and spice and not covered in lice. I don't know.

Anyway the discussion section went well, I had prepared in order to take down Mock Trial Pres but she wasn't there so I contented myself with winning back some ground against the TA by arguing much more coherently and intelligently than I did last monday (I feel better with my FUCK YOU persona so I'm more able to concentrate and I also did some reading before class this time due to my increased focus) and I enjoyed myself. I liked the foreign policy class too...It's not overly demanding but it's interesting and at least not as simplistic and stupid as the intro classes. Talked to the professor about Lend-Lease and all that stuff.

Anyway I talked a little to elephant chick (as I have dubbed her because of her memory...she is actually rather slim with normal sized ears and nose) after class and she seemed quite nice and normal, except for the fact that she's the streaked hair bare midriff type and yet claims to absolutely love spending hours in the library doing research, so I don't see much trouble developing there.

Still it's kind of strange and unsettling. If I'm going to be universally disliked I'd to at least be universally forgetable.
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