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One shot, all you get

The last few days have been mediocre in the extreme. Wednesday night I met back up with those people for studying and it was a mess again. I managed to get a bit done on my own but not enough, since on wednesday I went into the test and just failed to perform. I'm not sure WHY I screwed up, I KNEW what I was going to say before I got into the room but I just wasn't on my game and I blew it. I'm sure my grade won't be TERRIBLE but it was quite disapointing given the amount of time I'd studied. I might have even overstudied. Of course we can't forget the effects of not having kept up with the insane amount of reading or the fact that the course is taught by a moron...but that's neither here nor there.

I have also finally met one of the mythical Columbia hardcore students with over a 4.0 and who has never gotten less than a 93 on a test...which is impressive although it seems he is the grind it out type not the super genius type since I was definitly at least his equal on an intellectual level (he even said as much...what? I have NO ego issues. Stop SAYING THAT)

On another note I have re-confirmed my perpetual opinion that women are both insane and dangerous due to a variety of quite irritating experiences ranging from an absolutely deranged and quite ludicrious online interaction to ANOTHER one of those chicks who came up to me and said "Oh you're so smart, you make such great comments, etc..." only this time it was in FRONT of somebody and quite embarassing, to some rather strange email.

In other news, my escapades at the philolexian society continue at least for now. I decided to try my hand at getting booted from the club by begining my obsequious address with "I was thinking of Joseph Stalin and you naturally popped into mind" but it didn't work. I did manage to get kicked out of speaking position after I used my "We must penetrate the beaver line" comment in discussion of the invasion of Canada I was talking about though.

I have a ton of work this weekend...should get some sleep so I can actually do it. I am pretty much as drifting and depressive as ever but at least I am busy. Small favors.
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