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All monkeys do what they see

Sometimes I wonder where I built up all this bad Karma. Seriously...I know that in THIS life I am not prone to pushing old ladies in front of buses or consuming the flesh of infant babes while they still live. To my knowledge I haven't defiled any temples or called upon the dark powers of any ancient gods. I did make a few jokes about the Dalai Lama, but if ANYONE should be laid back and cool about that stuff he should. I mean if he's going to go around casting Buddhist hexes on anyone it should be the damn chinese Commies who keep oppressing his people and stealing his lunch money and stuff, not some stupid American kid who makes a couple "life is a fountain" cracks.

Maybe it was that period in high school where I was prone to saying Popemobile every 5-minutes, but I think that even JESUS that stodgy sod has to see the humor in a high pontiff/crimefighting duo. We'd just learned about the Anti-Pope AND the pope-mobile had just rolled through our were we to resist? Quick Cardinal Richileu to the Popemobile...the Anti-Pope and his college of dastardly Anti-Cardinals are deholying all the water in Bologna. We shall smack them upside the head with our godmarangs!


Anyway, the reason that I bring up the whole Karma thing (besides it being a great chance to take pot shots at that damned Dali Lama and his snotty attitude) is that my yesterday was badly marred by a very unlucky incident and while I'm not a believer it would be nice to have some sort of god to blame for the situation.

Monday was rather blah, as mondays tend to be. I finished my poli-sci exam and submitted it on time, while my friend from high school did not even bother to show up for class. I had a good time with 4 people at the discussion section, since none of them seemed to have much of an opinion on anything and I was able to just let mah mind go.

After that I spilled Ketchup on a rug because I was very tired.

I did my CC exam prep and I feel pretty ready for that one. Got my paper back and it was a B+/A- which is not great but certainly not damning. I've done worse and I'll do worse again.

I didn't get started on my OTHER poli-sci exam until tuesday morning. I did reading throughout monday but I was too tired and burnt out to work on it monday night so I slept instead. Tuesday morning I finished half of it, went to two rather uninspiring classes, and came back to finish the rest tuesday afternoon. I got it done with 30 minutes to spare and decided to take it to the computer lab to do some last minute editing and print it out.

My Karma thought this was a bad idea. I put the file on a disk and sauntered over to the computer lab, which is full of broken machines. I got my hands on a NON-broken machine and set to claimed my disc was corrupted. I nearly burst into flames on the spot. Not panicing, because panic isn't attractive, I wrote "THIS COMPUTER IS IN USE" on the screen (since people at Columbia tend to just grab a computer that they think MIGHT possibly not be in use at the time. Seriously, one girl actually grabbed my computer after I got up to PRINT. I was gone 30 seconds and she was like "YOINK") asked the guy next to me to watch the station for me, and RAN back home.

I managed to make decent time despite the fact that my loosish pants kept trying to fall down as I dashed through the city streets, and I got back up, loaded up the computer and grabbed another disc. Well I tried to grab another disc. There were none in the drawer where discs are normally kept.

At this point I paniced. Only for a few moments, but long enough to say certain words which are not appropriate for a PG audience. I finally found a disc after some searching, put the file on it, and raced back to the computer lab, where my computer was FORTUNATLY untaken. The computer wouldn't read this disc either.

Giving up because it was 3 minutes before class and the test also had an in class portion. I raced to class, took the in class portion which was ASTOUNDINGLY easy (we're talking "Name two protections from the bill of rights" easy) in 4 minutes and went to talk to the professor about the fact that even though he specifically said that computer problems etc...were OUR responsibility (one of the reason I paniced.) I offered to go get the laptop and SHOW him that the work had been done, but he just said to email it to my TA after class...which really irritated me because he had made it seem like a big deal and was now saying it wasn't one.

After class I emailed the paper to the TA (without changing anything even though I SHOULD have been able to have 20 minutes of editing if the fucking disc had workd) and went to the computer lab to print out a copy. I had more trouble there, of course, but finally got a functional computer and printed the stupid thing. I'm glad to be done with it although I'm not looking forward to the grade.

I feel like a monkey at times, expected to jump through hoops and do stupid tasks too menial for a human. The tests are SO inane that they're really just a matter of actually bothering to do them...which is torturous because they are humiliating and ludicrous. To torture inmates they have them move piles of rocks back and forth in the hot sun. To torture students they have us suck in and spit out inane material in the cool library. I am having trouble seeing the difference. A monkey could do half the work I'm asked to, except monkeys are too smart to waste precious life shifting rocks around in the sand.

I also went to the psychology association last night and it looks somewhat interesting, although I'm the only one who had ideas to offer at that point. I also decided to be a masochist and run for Vice-President of the fledgling club, setting myself up for more rejection. Even though I was the only member who had any ideas I assume I will lose in what will amount to a popularity contest with a bunch of perfectly manicured young women who want something vaguely impressive looking to slap on their grad-school applications. Also because I wrote a bit too formally in my "why you should select me" blurb. Oh least there were actual men at this meeting unlike the Barnard club.

I need to find some time to study today but I probably won't. Oh well, literature exams are never THAT difficult. I keep saying that to myself this semester, we'll see if the grades bear it out.
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