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You lay me down but I get no release

I just had a horrible experience. Here I was, sitting at my computer perusing the boxscore from game 6 of the World Series, when my computer popped up a dialog box that filled me with dread. "The computer has automatically adjusted your lock to be consistant with daylight savings time." I actually did one of those long, drawn out, deep "NOOOOOOooooooo"s like people do when someone's dying in slow motion in the movies. You see I love daylight savings time because it affords me an extra hour when I'm really stressed out preparing for a test or writing a paper. Only this week I have no work, and what's worse I'm already pretty well rested from midterms. So this year DST is WASTED! My spare hour of life is going to be squandered in bed or on the internet or blowing police helicopters out of the sky in Grand Theft Auto 3. Okay...that last one is not a WASTE per se...but it's not MAXIMIZING my Daylight Savings opportunity. Why oh why couldn't it have been last weekend or the weekend before? Why did it have to extend THIS Weekend when I'm only one freaking week away from a 5 day weekend ANYWAY? This is horrible! I mean I do have a 15 page first draft due thursday, but that's not graded so it's pretty irrelevant, and I do have to write SOMETHING for the Philo literary exercise but I need inspiration not time to be able to do THAT.

I feel betrayed by daylight savings time. He's usually so kind and considerate to me...someone I can rely on to help me even if nobody else will. I don't get Christmas or Birthday presents anymore, thanksgiving is exceptionally painful for me, and the last time I saw fireworks I was 11 years old and the world was a significantly less shitty place. and I was on a magical lake drinking in the experience without knowing it would be one of my last of that sort before everything exploded and nothing was left. I guess what I'm saying is that Daylight Savings Time is like my favorite calander event (it's not a holiday per se)

This sucks. All I can say is that the Giants better do something worth watching on Monday or this whole week may very well be ruined before it begins.
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