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Some people have a chip on their shoulder, and some would say it was me.

This week didn't even feel like a real week of school. It felt like an endurance swim to the island of sanity that is a five day weekend. I am actually nearing the end of the semester and if I can just get my act together for one final push I can come out alive. Here's hoping that having only 2 days of school over the next 9 days helps me gather the energy to get over the hump.

A breakdown of my week:

On monday I got back my test for American Politics. I screwed up and got a B+, which was somewhat annoying. What was more annoying was the fact that it turned out I COULDN'T have gotten an A on one of the two essays I did because, whoops, the professor figured out that there wasn't enough information available in the class for us to do an A essay...yeah...I'm not sure I understand it either. There was no warning that we would be penalized for doing the easier essay and his logic was "Whoops...I made a mistake so you all got screwed."

Ahh the dedication of the modern educator.

Tuesday I helped to redeem my comparative politics grade by kicking tons of ass in the discussion section. By simply glancing through some of the reading I was able to easily answer any of the asked questions and expound upon a bunch of stuff. I did make one mistake but it was so badly explained in the article that not even the TA picked up on it. Nothing much else happened on Tuesday except that I got an extension on the first draft of my puerto rico paper, which I needed if I wasn't going to stay up 48 hours straight working on it. I need to do it this weekend but that's fine. I don't mind curling up with a few books on Puerto Rico and getting my learn on.

Wednesday was a bit of a blur. I don't remember much except finding out that I have NO Foreign policy class next week and having another good CC class. And by good I mean I did well...the class is still pretty funky due to the lack of English on the part of the professor.

Thursday was pretty nondescript in terms of school, except that I saw all the other Comparative politics students hand in their rough drafts and realized that I really do have to do a halfway decent jobs since some of them had more than 70 footnotes (yeesh...and with like 2 weeks to resarch.)

After school was a different story.

It was Halloween, as anyone with half a brain knows, so the first thing I did was set out some candy for the kids since my mother signed me up to do this service, in her unlimited benevolence. I had to refresh the bowl several times because the little brats kept taking way too much. Mostly the older kids actually...I watched two of them through the keyhole (nothing creepy, I was just checking to see if the bowl needed refilling and there they were) discussing how they would each take ten pieces from the bowl. No manners anymore. Next I got to writing. See I had agreed to do the literary exercise for the halloween Philo, and while I had stayed up until 2 AM working on them on wednesday night I still wanted to improve them so I spent most of the night working on improving them and trying to decide, with a little help, which one I should present. It was work wasted, since when I got to the club only a few people had shown up and instead of an actual meeting we ended up just sitting around chatting. The moderator was dressed as a greek fate and was having everyone guess who she was. I got it immediatly on account of it was obvious but nobody else seemed to catch on.

We played an incredibly stupid Three Musketeers trivia game, where I got to say the line "Oh yeah, he pioneered nipples for Robin" which was enjoyable..then we stood around talking about random stuff in small groups until the moderator tried to get us to discuss fantasy novels at which point I threatened to leave and got that scrapped. I ended up spending most of the time talking to an older guy who is a big knicks fan and thus was willing to chat about just how much they SUCK these days. After getting into the habit of watching sportscenter I find that I can bullshit my way through conversations about sports I don't give much of a damn about pretty effectively. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.

A few of us decided to go see a movie and I figured I was up for some halloween fright, but we let two girls pick the film because...well...I'm not sure. Anyway that proved to be a huge mistake because apparently they thought we wanted them to get they took an hour (while the Knicks fan and I looked through the Onion and made jokes about the Hello Kitty vibrator advertisement.) By the time they were done not picking a movie there wasn't one playing nearby so we decided to rent. The only store open was Blockbuster and naturally they didn't have Army of Darkness or anything cool. The girls didn't want to see a horror film, naturally on Halloween seeing a horror film is a DUMB idea, and they wouldn't see any of my suggestions (which ranged from Ghost Dog to UHF) so we (and by we I mean they) settled on Quills...the film about the Marquis De Sade. It makes sense that they picked a movie they didn't know anything about though since they weren't really focusing on the task at hand, prefering instead to discuss random crap about their boyfriends related to various movies on the shelf. Very constructive. We went back to David?s house to watch it, and I got another reminder of how unusual my Apartment is for New York housing. His place was fairly small, though reasonably comfortable, but more importantly he had a malfunctioning radiator which kept acting up in the middle of the film and making it impossible to hear. Since Quills is primarily a dialog driven film this naturally put a damper on the watching experience. I made jokes during the movie to try to make up for the fact that half the time we were just watching people chat on screen and at least got David to laugh...along with one of the girls most of the time while Marla just glowered at me and said "You need serious help." A lot. In the end the whole experience turned out to be pretty ironic since the girls couldn't handle the relatively mild gore in the film that THEY'D picked out (they didn't even know who the Marquis De Sade WAS). I don't know...on screen violence just doesn't bother me anymore. It's probably all the videogames to tell the truth. When some of your fondest childhood memories involve playing Mortal Kombat and trying to get your digitized character to rip the heart out of your buddy's digitized character...well a simple tongue cutting scene isn't a big deal. The girls covered their eyes with their hands and asked us to give the play by play during it...and they'd complained that Ghost Dog was too violent.


Their movie was mediocre at best and they couldn't even watch it. *Derisive snort.*

After the movie ended we left and walked back up towards Columbia. I was considering just heading off on my own but it was about 2 AM at that point and I wasn't sure whether I should try and do the gentlemanly thing and walk the two of them to their respective homes despite the fact that one of them had basically been insulting me all night. In the end I hung back with them and walked out into a cold biting enough to get MY teeth chattering, which is no small feat. On the way back towards campus ALL they talked about was how dangerous the neighborhood was and how late it was etc... I tried to calm them by saying it wasn't that dangerous and they were being sort of silly but they responded by lambasting me about how I would never understand what it would be like to have a vagina and be a target for rape. It's always nice to be reminded that women are willing to use the "you can't understand, you're a MAN" card whenever it suits them. Eventually I managed to convince them that a thug was unlikely to openly assault us, especially since I am big and confident looking when I walk out late at night. They then said that they knew this but that they were merely contemplating how dangerous it WOULD have been had I not been there and how scary that idea was.


Anyway...after I agreed to walk the one that lived further up town home we finally resolved the debate and walked the rest of the way in relative peace. Of course if they had just said "Hey...we despise you but we are insecure and would like to be walked home please" at the begining I suppose the whole pointless exchange could have been avoided but I guess the gene for being direct is located somewhere on the Y chromosome.

Overall it was a pretty....average experience. I felt like an outsider the entire time, I quickly tired of David's contstant use of fat jokes towards me, and as helpful as it was in terms of my building a case for the complete and utter destruction of the female gender in order to save mankind, the more I am exposed to this sort of irrational and unreasonable behavior the sadder I get to tell the truth.

I am just flabbergasted at the dynamics of normal male/female relations. They expect their needs to be not only met but also ANTICIPATED and in exchange they offer nothing but disdain.

At least I'm learning. Slowly.

Anyway that was my halloween. There's a few other things of note but this entry's too long already am I'm sure nobody's interested. I'll probably post my two essays that I wrote for NO reason in the morning...I need to edit one slightly because I did so in the computer lab at school but then never saved it.

Actually the whole writing thing is a little strange. I do have some inspiration now but I have this sinking feeling that the only time I'll be able to write is when I'm feeling depressed, and that no matter what direction my life takes I will continue to undergo these emotional cycles due to some sort of inhereted genetic defect. That would suck.

Oh well...I've actually felt better recently. GTA: VC, Hitman 2, Tony Hawk 3, NBA Live 2003...those are my faithful friends who are as reliable to me as I am towards them. It's a quick fix but it'll do for now. The long-term prognosis is another story.
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