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Heh. I had a pretty disturbing dream last night. I dreamed that it was the future and a friend and I were famous but we had been framed for a crime and we were going to be crucified. The whole dream took place during the tonight show with Jay Leno. Leno was the MC and he talked to the person who was on before us but because we were about to be publicly executed he refused to really pay attention to us. I tried to crack a joke but it didn't go over well. Anyway we were being crucified on these huge crosses where they clamp you in instead of nail you, and my friend described it in vivid detail, how it takes about 30 hours for you to die (like normal crucifixion) and how your lungs eventually collapse under the pressure etc. I told him that I hoped that we would be able to talk for those 30 hours because I didn't want to spend 30 hours of boredom waiting to die. My friend was taken up top to be strapped in first and I believe the last words I heard from him were "I've decided not to hit on the cute goth girl who'se strapping me in" or something like that. Jay Leno was going to do the honor for me but we were having trouble reading the non-digital clock and I woke up before I got into the device. I dunno I feel like something inside me has died, like I had some sort of parallel life when I was dreaming and now it's over because I got crucified. I know it's a fairly ludicrous idea and boarders on both paranoia and schitzophrenia, but it's 7:00 AM and I must be lonely. Sometimes I do wonder if all the magical things that seem to happen in life are real or not.

I still have not gotten my music grade yet and my friend got his grade for the supafunky class he took so I'm worried that my teacher is planning to screw me. I'm so pathetic, so very pathetic. I try to help someone and it has no effect but screwing myself. I was crucified in my dream and I didn't fight back, which is bizzare for me because I'm a fighter, and I have to teach this class today to people who don't respect me. At least I'm gonna have a nice big juicy burger for lunch.

I also dreamed that I managed to find and purchase the video game Klonoa which I always wanted to buy but is now out of print and unfindable everywhere (I was waiting for a price drop that never came) which is a significantly more banal and less interesting dream. I do want to buy a video game relatively soon though.
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