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Taught my class today solo for the first time. It was pretty fun and I think it went alright although I am capable of doing better. The worst part was when one of the women (Calling people who are in their late 20's, when you yourself are not even 20 yet, girls just doesn't seem right) was talking about intelligence and heritability and I had to restrain myself from touting my much selftouted intellect. The best part was when the students seemed really interested in ecology.

I bought lunch at Burger King and the woman working the register really screwed up my order. It makes me so mad when people can't complete the SIMPLEST tasks. Some people are SO very stupid. Amazingly stupid. At the time I wanted to rant and rave and shriek and scream towards her but I didn't do anything and just left. I was chewing on my lip and grumbling inside the whole way home.
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