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I'll do anything I can the wrong way

Maybe it's a combination of being alone, too many dark movies, and too little sleep, but as I was trudging home through the snow tonight I started thinking about just how hopeless the situation of America is at this juncture in history. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those people who thinks that we are mere years away from nuclear apoclalypse, or even one of those people who is serious about a clash of civilizations coming soon.

In a way either of those threats would be comforting, because they can be challenged head on and potentially defeated.

The problem with the U.S. right now, at least to my eyes, lies in negativity. It seems like American culture is incredibly busy trying to rip itself to shreds. To find whatever faults lie underneath the surface, expose them, and destroy them. But the thing is that even the faults aren't black and white and as we tear up what we don't like we take a lot of good stuff, essential stuff, with it.

It's like affirmative action. We see inequity and we dislike it. But instead of recognizing that the inequity runs deep and must be fought on a deep level we simply try to ignore it. We pretend that it's just discrimination that keeps the colored man down when in fact it is really the lack of a solid foundational respect for education, manners, and all the other parts of civilized society that need to be at least understood even if they are to be disobeyed. And I'm not saying that individual people of every race don't have it, that'd be stupid, or that there's a total lack of these values because there certainly isn't. The problem is much harder to grasp than that, it almost can't be put into words. It's like this vein of distrust and hurt that runs through a part of our society and causes untold damage but is ignored both because of how hard it would be to fix and what we'd have to face in its origins. My point is mainly that the solutions being proposed seem to be doing almost as much harm as good and as frustrating as it is to know that we can't fix this issue in one generation or maybe even two, until we recognize that fact I think we're going to have to suffer a lot of fools. Hopefully the path we're currently on will take us to a resolution eventually but I can't help but think that it won't without some redirection.

And Augusta national is another example. We don't look at all that Hootie Johnson has done to advance equality in his business dealings...they get no play at all. We seek out faults and we try to destroy this club that's pretty stupid for what it is but is part of the freedom and tradition that give life in America more meaning than life had in the old Soviet Union. That's what makes me so angry about that situation...nobody cares about the traditions and freedoms that brought us to where we are. They only care about ruthless progress towards some bland goal of absolute equality in every realm. How utterly boring the world will be when you have male fathers and female fathers and not a mother in sight.

Okay I'm not making sense, but I think it's because of poor phrasing not because I'm wrong. What I'm really trying to say is that we've become an incredibly thin skinned society unable to accept the natural abrasions of dealing with other, DIFFERENT, people, and demanding rediculous sacrifice at the altar of inoffensiveness.

It's a sad day indeed when the Republicans and the capitalists make more sense than the progressives becuase the capitalists are EVIL. Think about it...there's no real reason to want to be filthy rich except to do evil. Nobody who wants to do good needs to be overly rich. And while making a few million dollars is understandable for comfort and security the only reason to have billions is to obtain power, and isn't the search for power and wealth for power and wealth's own sake the definition of evil? I mean what could be more evil than that?

But they do have a point in that without the freedom to do evil good becomes meaningless and bad is a necessary component of any decent society.

I'm going to stop now. This isn't making any sense whatsoever and is a waste of valuable sleep time. It's just that I feel like we're running out of time. America is burning itself at both ends and with no great enemy to unite against what will prevent us from ripping ourselves to shreds?
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