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Young faces grow sad and old and hearts of fire grow cold

I've decided to add a resolution not to watch so much terrible television. I do watch too much crap that I don't care about and from now on I am just going to do other things. I never have enough time in the day and I need to start freeing up more in various places. I really need to get more sleep for more reasons than I can count. Can't keep letting head only contact pillow far after the clock has passed 12.

On a related note I wanted to watch Joe Millionaire since it seems an amusing concept, bunch of gold diggers gathered up and sent to France (this is a highly amusing location for such an endeavor) so a national TV audience can laugh at how stupid and shallow they are and watch them get their commupance in the end. The problem is I can't watch "reality" TV for the most part because it's slow developing and the people are so vapid. Why are looks so much more important for casting than intelligence? Personally I think a reality show full of really smart people would be more entertaining than one full of beautiful people. Imagine if every Survivor was made up entirely of Richards. It would be a non-stop web of intrigue and scintelating conversation instead of a glorified popularity contest with rat eating.

In other news I'm getting really irritated with how long it's taking for my school to post my damned grades. I have trouble moving on from the last semester and enjoying my vacation while I still don't know how I did. It's been quite some time since finals and it's about time we learned the verdict. The Student Council sent out it's same "sorry grades are late" email it does every semester. Well you feckless bastards why don't you actually do something about it or just shut up? Student government is one of the most depressing aspects of any college. They do barely anything, when they do do something it's generally putting on a silly event with funds they skim from our "student life fee" or something that I completely disagree with. If I'm ever in a position to decide on job or academic acceptance I will count student government as a decided negative since the only people really drawn to it seem to be airheads and assholes for the most part (there are a couple exceptions I've encountered, I don't want to be unfairly prejudiced. I mean student government members aren't as horrible as, say, women.)

It turns out the Giants were robbed on a bad call. At least now we can argue that the game wasn't fair. That's a big help. We wuz robbed. I can love the G-men again. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

I think I will start writing a private novel that I will never show to anyone. It is in response to the request of an aging man who probably doesn't have many years left on the mortal coil. I figure I should heed one of his last requests and give writing an honest try.

I'm thinking of having a shirt made that says "I'm not gay, I just hate women." or "Girls have cooties and they're infectious." on it. Then I'd also get a shirt that says "I'll pretend to be sensative and give a fuck about what you 'think' so you don't feel guilty and dirty for giving it up so quickly" and rent it out to other guys who I'd stand next to in my shirt, making them look appealing to the sheep. I might actually do it too if it wouldn't spell the total end of my academic future when droves of feminists failed to get the joke.
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