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Perfect is a fault and fault lines change.

It pisses me off when people bemoan humanity as a whole. It's funny...I've always been a pessimist. I always see the glass as either partially empty or near spilling. On the other hand I find people who say things like "Human beings are no more valuable than any other kind of animal" to be the most assanine people on the face of the planet. At least the greedy and the bigoted have something to gain from their positions, terrible as they may be. People who doubt humanity's uniqueness are incomprehensible. They are denying what it is that makes them special and gives them the capacity to rise above the crude nature of the world while elevating the feelings of some instinctually driven creature with only the vaguest sense of self to the level of another human being.

It pisses me off.

I got two grades back today, an A in American Foreign Policy and an A- in Intro to comparative politics. That rounds out my semester GPA at an even 4.0 for now, pending my last two grades. They will probably both be As unless I did better than I thought in lit hum or worse than I thought in anthro.

The comparative politics grade bothers me a little because the class was taught so poorly and it was one that I HAD to take so dropping it when I found out what a load of shit it was wasn't possible. I also got really sick when the research paper was and studied for a LONG time for the exam, which turned out to be ineffective. It's funny...I probably put a good 20 hours into that final which was only 30% of the grade while I only put like 5 hours into my psych final which is 60%. The Psych class is probably the harder one but I got a 97 on that final and an A+ in the course while I don't know what I got for comparative but it wasn't enough for an A in the class. It's not a huge grade fetish has faded, it's just somewhat annoying.

I've been watching too many movies recently. I know that one of the things I wanted to do over this break was watch a bunch of movies but I've overdosed it. Yesterday alone I went through three of them, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Shanghai Noon. I decided that I was watching too many movies after the end of Jay and Silent Bob strike back made me sad. Yes...sad. If you've ever seen the movie you're probably wondering what the hell I'm talking about (and to asuage possible conspiracy theorists my journal has NOT been hijacked by some PMSing longhair) I think the answer lies in the fact that all the cameo characters were...well...stuck. Nobody really changed or grew since the end of their respective movies. I guess I just felt that Smith ended almost all his films on a hopeful note and yet when the fallout is displayed in JASBSB they've all reverted.

I realize of course that Smith just did this because he wanted to make a lot of in jokes and wrap everything up...but it made me sad nonetheless which helped me recognize that I've watched too many movies recently.

Tomorrow I'm going for a walk. At least one.

My terribly insightful thought of the day is that there are far too many surveys in the world. There's a variety of reasons that I believe this, but I don't suppose anybody cares so I'll spare you. Just trust me though...there's WAY too much asking of opinion for anyone's good.
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