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All things considered he's not bitter he's not mean.

There isn't a whole lot better than a day filled with bad food, NFL football on TV, videogames, and Manga.

It surprises me on a regular basis how satisfying a day of doing absolutely nothing can be. Perhaps that's because they are so often unsatisfying, but once in awhile you get one that just leaves you feeling relaxed and sated without a serious thought or worry crossing your mind.

In some ways it's more fun to watch football when you don't care about the outcome. You can root for the team that's behind and analyze the play calling and execution more objectively. Good stuff.

I also found myself enjoying Miyazaki's Nausicaa Manga much more than I thought I would. It's very well translated and even though it has a female main character (I can almost NEVER relate to female main characters in literature) she's rational and cool enough to be actually interesting and sympathetic.

It's funny how most of the Japanese literature I really enjoy was inspired by western works. I think the draw of Japanese mass culture is partially how it has the trappings of exoticism but enough western influence not to be completely foreign. Frankly the whole history of how Japanese mass culture has evolved is fascinating. It's too bad that anthropology class didn't do a better job of exploring this, focusing far too much on weird literary theory and postmodern stuff rather than historical retrospectives of how Japanese culture has evolved during the years since the American occupation.

Speaking of that class I found out this morning that I got an A- in it leaving my semester GPA at a rather dismal 4.0 and my culmulative at 3.885. Now I realize that these numbers are not particularly bad in the larger scheme of things but the fact of the matter is I could have done significantly better and in the case of Anthro I should have. I'm not going to go apeshit over an A- but I think I definitely deserved an A in that class and I think I didn't get it because the professor didn't agree with my viewpoints. That's pretty irritating. I don't know, now that I'm nearing the end of my time in college I have some regrets about not trying as hard as I could have at times and about how little direction I've had. Of course I realize that some of this stuff was just part and parcel of the maturation process and a set of mistakes I HAD to make, but...still.

I need to resist the desire to make up for that by taking even MORE classes though. Two straight 6 class semesters is definitely enough already.

Recently I've been making arguments about how much of a negative impact the 19th ammendment has had on this country. Of course 90% of the reason is because it's just a wacky argument nobody would even think of making and it irritates the heck out of the sit down to pee-ers. On the other hand I think that there is actually a degree of merit to the argument believe it or not. Women think differently than men and they tend to be more powerfully swayed by emotionalist arguments (we could discuss this point until the cows come home but I've yet to see anything close to a convincing counterargument, especially since most are based on silly anecdotal evidence that entirely ignores the word "tend" and unleashes plenty of fine whine in all its bitchy glory) This has led political debate away from the great oratory and logic we had in the nineteenth century and even early 20th century presidents like Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson and towards the feeble mealy mouthed "Won't somebody think of the children" crap we get with the recent crop. I truly believe that catering to women voters has had a big part in removing the teeth from modern political debate and turning it into a victim-fest. At least partially, I mean there are other factors of course.

Just another way the longhairs are fucking up the world.

I know awhile back I promised I'd be nicer to them, and I have been, but somebody's gotta say it. There's more than enough anti-male sentiment flying around these days.

I have to say that I find it kind of scary that advertisers have decided that the whole "dumb man smart woman" dynamic is absolutely fine but the other way around is never appropriate. How many commercials do we see these days where some chick shows up a bunch of tough guys? How many commercials do we see where the opposite is true? It could be seen as either a "Well we all know women can't really do these things so it's funny to put them on top in advertisements since in real life they are inferior" type thing or just a sign of the coming feminist sexism. Already it's been accepted that self actualized women can beat the shit out of men on TV and in films but if any guy but James Bond so much as looks at a female wrong he is automatically a villain. And what's with the whole Halle Berry Bond Girl being self actualized? Bond girls aren't self actualized they are simply crotches with challenges attached. Ian Fflemming would roll over in his grave.

*Sigh* these are some of the things I worry about from time to time. Truth is I probably wouldn't if anybody else did but I feel like I'm alone here and it bugs me. Are we truly moving towards a female dominated society? If we are then I'd say we are in deep deep shit. Especially since it looks like we're headed for war even if ol G W doesn't hasten it by just being himself.

It's that damned 19th ammendment. If only the Kaiser hadn't called our boys away into combat thus opening up jobs for women, mainstreaming them economically and socially and adding the final bullet the suffrage movement needed to shoot logic right in the head we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years.

This sarcastic rant is brought to you by a distinct lack of sleep. If you take more than 5% of it seriously I demand you stop reading the internet right now because you ain't ready.
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