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Let me down easy

I had a total of one class today and already I'm irritated. It was one of the seminars that I have to go to in order to complete my poli-sci major, but it was so full and crowded that I will almost certainly not get a spot. Furthermore it's about the pro-abortion movement and involves a lot of feminist reading so I don't even know if I want it. Apparently "Issues that divide America" is a codephrase for "PC brainwashing."

Tomorrow I have a really long day and I'm not looking forward to it. Fortunately it's unlikely that many classes will run the full time so I'll have something of a break. I'm definitely going to drop one of my monday/wednesday courses because it's too much to take as many as I am. On the other hand I can't change CC sections which sucks because I didn't like the students and I HATED the hours of the old one.

Oh well.

I don't know. I'm tempted to take only four courses but I feel like that'd be pretty pathetic AND leave me with too much free time to slaughter. It would be weak and I need to become stronger.

This semester is another one starting with a whimper. I'm hoping it will be simple and uneventful as that's what I could really use at this point. I mean I'd sort of like to meet some new people but I've also sort of given up on that since I'm really bad at it and nobody from previous semesters seems to remember me after a 1 to 3 month break.

The only other thing of any import I have to mention is that despite the fact that my recent entry about my friend was found and pounced upon by his girlfriend I am not going to censor what I think. Anyone who doesn't like what I have to say is WELCOME not to read it, or to argue with it if you are willing to do so without resorting to insults and nasty limericks.

I haven't posted about politics in awhile but I think I'd like to remark that the disingenuity of both parties really sickens me. I think the fact that lying is such a useful and popular tool of getting ones way is one of the worst things about the world.
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