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God Money's not looking for the cure, God money's not concerned about the sick among the pure

Over the last few days the world has started to look grittier and grittier to me. I think there are a variety of reasons for this. For one the entertainment I've been choosing has certainly not been all rainbows and puppy dogs as I've been reading "The Watchmen" one of the quintessential graphic novels that obliterated the sparkly clean image of superheros and I just watched "Fight Club" a film that certainly doesn't have much in commen with Disney cartoons.

The other thing that I think has influenced this viewpoint has been the settling in of George Bush and the Republican Congress. Nancy Pilosi has not proven to be a very dynamic figure as of yet and the whole of American political debate is being monopolized by the Republican party and the stupid leftist radicals.

I've been thinking recently about what differentiates Bush from Clinton. Clinton was sleazy, it's undeniable and it clearly didn't stop with William's Willie. On the other hand you got the feeling that what Clinton really truly wanted was not power and money but love, and that made it much easier to forgive his indiscretions because you could fundementally believe that he wanted to make you happy and he would not do TOO much to compromise your happiness. Bush & Co are an entirely different story. While he has scandals that in my mind eclipse anything the Clinton whitehouse did (Unless you believe the alegations of murder I think having Enron representatives write energy policy is much more despicable than checking out a couple FBI files) he also has an entirely different Aura about him.

While Clinton wanted the love of the people Bush is only greedy for the benefit of his friends. While he might have some vague fantasies of becoming a great national hero by waging the war against terrorism and defeating Sadam Hussein the evil dictator that seems to be a side issue of his regime. While he makes gestures about terrorism and puffs his chest out in the direction of the middle east the policies he REALLY pushes are those that will sacrifice America's economic future and well-being for the benefit of the few. If Terrorism was REALLY such a huge concern for G.W. wouldn't he be a little more concerned about our incredibly porous borders rather than attempting to make it legal for Mexican trucks to enter the U.S. even without passing inspections? Of course not. Anything that makes business cheaper and depresses wages is fine by camp Bush. That's another reason he's considering amnesty for all the Mexican illegals and possibly ALL illegals in this country.

I don't really want to delve into specifics becaue it just makes me depressed. Suffice it to say that while I certainly was not a Clinton lover at least he seemed to be of benign intentions while Bush is not. The sad thing is he's not even doing himself a favor in the long run, by destroying the country he lives in and actually reducing his wealth in the long run.

That's part of what makes the world feel so ugly these days. The fact that our leadership at the top is so corrupt and vile that the best we can hope is to endure it and hope that the next slimebucket is at least one who has a little bit of shame.

In personal news things have been going okay. I only have 3 classes with significant reading which is good news. My seminar looks to have a good bunch of books although the teacher is pretty horrible. Also my new CC teacher seems really cranky and just plain bad but I guess I'll muddle through the best I can.

My psych project should be interesting. Trying to figure out how language is localized in the human brain. I'll be working up at 168th street again but taht ought to be okay.

Today I had to attend a stupid lecture in the student center for one of my classes. It took forever to start and as I was idly watching the entrance who should I spot but This-Space-Reserved-For-Something-Clever? It's been a couple years now so it wasn't a big deal but it got me thinking about a few things.

Of course true to Columbia form a waterpipe broke in the building soon after the lecture started so we had to be evacuated AND it looks like the bookstore is going to get drenched oh happy day. Should make shopping for my books this semester a fun little exercise.

Going to meet my dead grandfather's ex-girlfriend for an early dinner today. Not sure how I feel about it. There are some unresolved things there that I'd like to talk about but I'm not sure if I'm ready even now. She's a great lady though, and she's made a real effort to keep in touch so I'm sure that even if we don't delve deep it should at least be pleasant.

In disapointing news it appears that every store in the world is out of Suikoden III which begs the question as to why it was cancelled if its SOLD OUT. Quite annoying since half of them have copies of total crap that's much older in abundence. I don't get how something stops being produced if it's selling well enough that there's already a shortage only a couple months after the production but there's lots of stuff I can't figure out. Oh was something I put off too long I guess. I just thought I had more time since it got such rave reviews.

Life marches ever onward. Gritty as it may be.
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