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I wish it didn't have to be so bad

I think I've become allergic to pepperoni pizza. How did I come to this conclusion? Well in the past couple of months I've eaten pepperoni pizza approximately twice and thrown up approximately twice. I may not be a doctor but I am starting to see a correlation there. One that I don't intend to test any further.

I was supposed to start my independent study at the neurological institute yesterday but I had to postpone it because of the stomach problems brought on either by the pizza or a virus, I'm not sure which. Indeed instead I spent almost all of the day either sleeping or trying to ignore the weirdness that was going on inside. Towards the begining of the day I could barely even keep down a glass of water which is an indication of how things were going.

It's pretty frustrating to have to cancel the FIRST day because of illness but I thought puking on the woman who is running the project would probably come off even worse.

I did end up feeling better at night and actually went to my stupid club where I managed to offend just about everybody. Apparently the words "Mongoloid" or "Retard" are so offensive that they can't be used even in an obvious joke. Political correctness is a pox upon the world the likes of which haven't been seen since the Pope was the Mac Daddy of Europe (the pope totally used to get tons of play from all the hot young nuns).

Other random stuff from the week

-On Tuesday I watched the state of the union at a famous political scientist's house. Before the speech we had a discussion about Roe Vs Wade and a few other things and she said that the problem with America is that people pay too much attention to the constitution and that government should govern according to...well...her views. She found my argument that if a given policy can't be achieved via election then it's not okay to just dictate 'good' social policy to be laughably outdated. It disturbs me how easy the left finds it to just bypass ideas like election and the rule of law so that they can advance their own agenda. The right does it too, but the right is, for the most part, evil and greedy so it's to be expected. Don't people understand that the road to hell IS paved in good intentions and forcing something upon a population that doesn't want it is very dangerous, even if you think it's for their own good. Thomas Sowell has an excellent column about this phenomenon.

-My lab partner in psychology is a woman with a two year old daughter who'se afraid of rats, the only animal we will be working with this semester. This is a little bit bizzare but I'm sure I'll work around it since I love rats. One of the many things my childhood gave me was a complete lack of fear or disgust towards animals. I went to zoo camp and had an 8 foot anaconda at one of my birthday parties. After petting an alligator rats are hardly a big deal.

-I'm not sure yet how I feel about my schedule this year. It's definitely unbalanced but I don't know if that's good or bad. I am still thinking of dropping one of my classes but I will wait to decide on that. I need to see how things work once I'm in a rythm and not sick.

-What is the cause of female sports getting so much attention these days? I mean they aren't popular among spectators, and they are second-rate in terms of athletic ability. Nobody watched the WNBA but it has been in the news almost non-stop recently. Likewise Annika Sorenstam's thoughts of golfing in a PGA tour event have been all over the sports section and people are ready to give her special treatment so she can do so. I think it's just a calculated effort to make sure sports is ultrainclusive but I think it rings hollow and silly. TV ratings and attendence tell the real story.
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