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Onward to destiny!

For a variety of reasons I haven't been able to post for the last week or so but I've jotted things down in text files and such in my computer. Since I just want to get through all that stuff so I can start writing some newer entries I'm just going to post a long, fractured, entry about random minutia from the last week or so. Carry on looking for something worth reading, because I can assure you that this isn't.

Monday the 17th was rather nice. I was pre-occupied and didn't get any school work done but I did start lifting some weights on my own and get some cleaning done. I also got a chance to relax and take it easy, and had a little jaunt in the snow.

I love going out for food after a big snowfall, late at night. I walk up towards Harlem, along the sidewalks that aren't shoveled so well, or sometimes at all, and along paths that aren't lit so well. Usually I go at least part of the distance in riverside park where the snow has been trampled some by joggers and skiers but is unsalted and unblown.

Trudging through the deep snow banks, sometimes up to your hips, giving tips about the best paths to the few souls brave enough to venture out into the whited world, it's a different New York. At times it even feels postapocalyptic.

Then you get down to Broadway and around 125th. The 24 hour McDonalds is closing, and the KFC has lights on but, to quote the Kids in The Hall, there is NAHBUDDY Hohm. I like the fact that even in a year with a future date like 2003 ol' mother nature dumping a bucket of white stuff over the land can still shut down even the most distressing symbols of our franchised future.

I found a chinese takeout place, the Lucky Panda, that was still open and went inside. It was fairly full, as most of the people who had ventured forth from their domiciles to seek sustenance had ended up here, the only restaurant open for a couple blocks in any direction. We all stood quietly inside the warm restaurant, listening to the wind outside and watching the huddled forms of fellow travelers shuffle by. It was quiet in a way that New York is never quiet. It felt good.

Tuesday the 18th was a day of procrastination and one of the reasons I ended up dropping my Japanese history class. This semester I have a bunch of stuff going on and I just don't have the time or energy to devote to 18 credits worth of work. Part of getting stuff done is accurately judging how much you can do so I'm not going to beat myself up over this. I kinda liked the class but it wasn't all that important to my degree or anything and I still have the reading (there were no lectures, it was seminar style, so all the information is in the reading anyway)

Wednesday the 19th I basically spent writing the papers that I should have been writing for quite awhile, and was probably when I made the actual decision to drop the Japanese history class. I think I did an okay job but I was definitely rushed in writing.

Thursday is lab meeting day and the day I finally got some work for my independant project, which is a GOOD THING! Not much else happened except I started to get sick, and I skipped Philo for the second straight week, and might not go back.

Friday I finally got Carson (my rat) to LEARN what he was supposed to. Go me! Go me! My lab partner abandoned me but such is the way of things. At least my rat still loves me.

The weekend is a bit of a blur. I relaxed some from what shouldn't have been, but still was, a somewhat stressful week, and started getting sick. I did get to spend a good while talking to someone I've become close to, so that was a good development. Didn't get any work done though. *Lesigh*

This week has mostly been devoted to me feeling ill. My mom brought home a fairly nasty cold and my head has been stuffed tighter than Rupaul's pants, with sore throat, cough, sneezing, and all that other great stuff. WOOT! I also got those papers back and did decently on them despite having rushed, so that was good.

Unfortunately I also have a lot of work ASSIGNED to me at this point, including fairly major undertakings in all four classes. I will get them done, I have two weeks, but it's just ANNOYING how everything comes due at the same damned time. I don't understand why schools can't be a little more humanistic in their treatment of their students, I really don't. I'm not just saying that because I had to visit no fewer than four SEPERATE offices over the course of an hour and deal with two that had no receptionist available just so I could get to class yesterday. Bitter? ME? NAHHHH!!!

Maybe a little.

And that's the ONLY way to get out of there alive! I hope you remember that when the time comes.
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