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I am one of those melodramatic fools.

I wanted to post this seperately from my last post because I think it's a seperate issue and an important one too.

I think many of the world's ills could be solved if leaders were forced to publicize photographs of themselves naked AND do several kooky dances publicly before taking office (For those who might be paralyzed or otherwise unable to dance, reciting kooky poetry or lip synching to They Might Be Giants songs is acceptable.) The reason for this is that I think many of the world's ills come from people, especially "leader" types, taking themselves way too seriously. If everybody knew about birthmarks or their small penises or droopy bosoms then maybe this wouldn't happen.

I think we need to humanize our leaders. Make them realize that they have faults and flaws just like everyone else and need to address eachother as people, not MERELY powerful forces or representatives of our country. I'm not stupid. I don't think that this would solve all problems or that lunatics like Hussein or Hitler would even agree to participate in it, but it might help somewhat in both weeding out those who want to attain public office in order to get prestige and in forcing people to act like people. If I was desingining a utopia that would definitely be a rule. Forced humility upon the upper echelons. Leadership by the meek. Underneath the golden silk and titles everybody has visible veins and hair on their butts.

My only worry would be that this would promote even MORE lookism among voters but hopefully that would not be the case. Maybe I'm overestimating the public AGAIN though.
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