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Pour your misery down on me

Why does anyone care about the U.N? The U.N. Can't even wipe it's own ass without American purchased toilet paper. It is an institution meant to be a forum for world discussion and pragmatic interchange and working together. It has degenerated into a forum for petty squabbles and posturing. I don't understand why people so love posturing...

The U.N. could have prevented this war. There are many ways in which it could have done this. Instead it (represented mostly by several member states of the security council) chose to play power games with the U.S. and force the conflict in the hopes of leveraging it into a way to reduce U.S. power.

That makes me incredibly sad.

The war rages on, embedded reporters sending back information in waves that explode out of our television screens and leave me shell shocked and listless. Everything back here seems grey to me right now, the world order is changing rapidly and nobody wants to talk about it. I feel almost like I did after 9/11. There's not that initial explosion of shock and anguish but that empty blurred out reality feeling is still there. Bombs over Baghdad make me sad.

I've actually been somewhat bored recently. I've been playing Activision Anthology on the PS2 which is basically an 80's simulator (Atari and Twisted Sister, all that's missing is Charles in charge) This has been entertaining but also made me nostalgic for simpler and better times. I think the 80's are underrated as a decade. It was right before the dam broke and in the 90's everything became sarcastic and ironic. The 80's was the last sincere decade, even if it was sincerely dorky.

Anyway I've been bored and I'm looking forward to school starting again. It's not that I haven't had stuff to do it's just that...I'm not sure. Just a general lack of stimulation. I want school to start again even though it means lots of work. I have had other stuff going on but it hasn't helped. Maybe it's just the war, I'm not sure.

At least I've gotten some R&R. Now it's time to start thinking about work again, and getting a job. I can dig it.
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