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Ran out of time and money.

It's been a rough couple of weeks, especially this week in particular. I don't want to get into everything that's been going on but let's just say that it's been more than the fact that this time of year is GENERALLY pretty difficult.

At least my grades came back solid. I got As on everything except the stupid lab report, which I aim to correct but which might be difficult because my rat is injured. First kidnapped by this chick and then she has a hit taken out on him? That ain't cool.

Apparently I did extra well on my oral exam in my American Politics seminar since I got a nice comment from the professor and one of the other students also told me that he was very impressed with what I said (I remember it being pretty decent as well.) The funniest thing about that exam though is how wacky I got in my notes. We were supposed to write down notes on each quote and hand in the note sheets. I did so, but I got a little....interesting with what I said. Let me give you a sample.

Lincoln Douglas debates reference to Douglas quote

The quote: "Uniformity in local and domestic affairs would be destructive of State rights, of State sovereignty, of personal libvery and personal freedom. Uniformity is the parent of despotism the world over.

My notes: You can't force uniformity without destroying freedom. He (lincoln) wants to be a despot by taking not just our slaves but our right to differ and be different. This ain't COOL because only a FOOL would back it. Ja RULE!

Yeah it's basically paraphrasing but there wasn't much more to say about this. I still have no idea why I added the Ja Rule.

Quote Lincoln: "I know that Mr. Calhoun and all the politicians of his school denied the truth of the declaration. I know that it ran along in the mouth of some Southern men for a period of years, ending...upon the floor of the United States Senate, that the Declaration of Independence was in that respect 'a self-evident lie' rather than a self-evident truth.

My notes: All men are created equal. This is mere sneakyness and TRICKSTEROSITY that has people claiming that somehow negroes are not men and aren't included in the term all men. It is BAD magumbo and it is self sering tripe.

No, I didn't have any help from Gollum in writing that.

Anyway they aren't exactly acts of high humor but the fact that I actually handed that in as an assignment is, in my mind, pretty funky. I guess it explains why I got that "Your comments certainly are unique" part of my evaluation.

(And for all you intellectual snobs out there the actual oral exam was more complicated than just paroting back paraphrased quotations. I could have taken better notes too but I don't use notes so what would the point have been?)

Switching Gears a bit Columbia has been in a bit of a state over that professor's comments on the war. There were kids sitting around using American flags as gags for their mouths on the steps because Mr Million (pussy) Mogadishus got a death (pussy) threat and was too (pussy) afraid to come in to teach (pussy). Then the next day there was a big pro American rally with flags. Not too many people came out for that one but I understand since I TRIED to stick around but had to leave when I burst out laughing as some guy talked about the SWEET SMELL OF FREEDOM. He made the U.S. troops sound like perfume salesmen trying to get the Iraqi people to change their cosmetic choices.

I still haven't done crap for my independent study. I HAVE to get on the ball before my professor returns. It's just hard to be motivated to do paper pushing work when I was promised some REAL assignments of interest. At least I have provided use during the lab meetings. I NEED to get this done this weekend along with a draft of my American Politics seminar paper. Why am I so lazy?

If I don't finish I'll need to castrate myself because that's the only excuse I haven't used at this juncture.

Life is okay but I am really down about this war. War does a lot to reduce hope and the fact that Bush is pushing shady policies through congress while nobody is looking gives me the willies. Distract us with the captured teenage girls and then chop chop chop at school lunches while funneling cash back to Enron executives whose stock portfolios are hurting. Thanks Georgie Boy.

The Mets are going to suck again. Tom Glavine might be a bust. First game was lost by an AMAZING amount. Second game they won and now they are losing again. I hate sports teams that spend and spend and never win. If you're going to lose lose poor and scrappy.

Life marches ever onwards. Ferris Bueler was right. It's easy to miss it.
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