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Anyway that you can, come back to me. Come back to me. Come back to me

I haven't written in quite some time. Well that's not true, I've written partial entries and little entry-ettes but my piece of crap computer has always crashed before I managed to post them, not that they were particularly postworthy.

The truth is I'm just burnt out. I've been sort of sleepwalking through life lately with a couple noteable areas of exception. School is not one of them and I'm profoundly glad I have a break coming up relatively soon. I don't know if I'll work or something over the break but I won't be in the classroom and that's a very good thing.

As for right now I have WAY too much work to do and no idea how I'm going to complete it all. Par for the course.

There's not a ton more I'm aching to say to tell the truth. Life is life after awhile and when you're feeling burnt out it's hard to make clever comments about how you saw a play with two ex Sitcom Sidekicks in it or your long walks along a mountain highway late at night in pursuit of pasta.

That's something I'm looking forward to. Having some time toa ctually write for myself instead of worrying about really annoying and STUPID school crap. The fact that I have to spend tomorrow morning and part of the afternoon searching through books to fill out reading quote sheets just rubs me in ALL The wrong ways.

I did enjoy the NFL draft quite a lot. That's at least something. Too bad the Jets and Giants picked with mediocre acumen. I think I've returned to my habit of using big words in every day situations. The other day I sent my teacher an Email wishing her to get well with much alacrity. That's an 11 on the dorkometer.

I just need a break. That's about the long and short of it. Until then I'm in survival mode. Only a week or two left.

I think I can handle it.
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