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I can feel the heat a come around

you know I'm not quite sure what to say at this point. My life is a strange combination of the mundane and the bizarre. I get up every day, put on a shirt and a decent pair of pants, spend about 45 minutes trying to get my necktie not to look like it was tied to me as a cruel prank by some eigth graders and get on the subway to head down to my place of (non-paying) employment. Then stuff happens. For example yesterday afternoon I was drafted to give the key-note speech at the graduation of some of our trainees. I spent last night involved in various previous engagements and then this morning frantically searching for an appropriate quotation (I finally settled on one by Aristotle that basically says "Dignity consists not in the honors we recieve but rather the consciousness that we deserve them") and then actually writing the speech (An exercise made all the more fun by everyone's insistance that it didn't matter what I wrote as long as it was brief because they wanted to get out of there, which of course was opposed by my desire to say something memorable and respectful to the trainees, especially since this was the only graduation several of them will ever have)

In the end I did a serviceable but unpolished and somewhat vapid job (I used the word hope in two sentences in a row and such) that got good applause and plenty of irritating empty praise (Yes I did a serviceable job for a green 21 year old with less than 24 hours notice who hates and has only once ever attended a graduation, but that doesn't merit hyperbole of "We know your future now, you'll be a speechwriter!" or "Will you write my speech for me when I leave this place?") Of course I was followed by the uberpopular nation of Islam guy who used to work there and took the opportunity to decry racism and make the same rediculous compliments towards the graduates that I tried to avoid because coming from a fat young white boy they might ring empty, but that's neither here nor there.

It's strange to me that part of the time I am doing photocopying and carrying paper up from the basement and the other part I am frantically writing and giving lessons to people who are more than twice as old as I am and such. Welcome to the world of the unpaid intern. I got passed over for the transfer to clinical which stung my pride but that's okay. I am doing a better job than they think and frankly I could write a novel from the stuff I've seen at this place. Maybe I will.

As for the rest of my life, there is no rest of my life. I've been watching a lot of movies on DVD (Including Old School no less than three times) and going to sleep at horribly respectable hours (Often 10:30 if you can believe it!)

This journal entry brought to you by the national council for use of parenthetical statements. Got something tangential or auxilliary to add to a statement? Say it with Parentheses! (Now available in both open and close versions)

It's hot as some place really really hot in New York City these days.

After a month of working with her I discovered that Jen is not a Barnard chick as previously assumed but rather attends Duke.

I don't know if I have anything else worth saying. My job is full of oddities (like the guy who sleeps all day except when he's putting in vacation hours or the woman who has a full appartment worth of stuff in her cubicle including food, a hair curler, and other neat stuff) but weird gossip just isn't all that interesting in my experience.

I still hate wearing a tie.
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