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You never made it, maybe you never will. Hey you never made it, it ain't that unusual

I guess I do have a few other things to get off my chest.

1) Poli-Sci honors. The application date is July 14. I have writing samples and I am getting my transcript on monday but I have no clue what my thesis should be about. I'm thinking about doing something related to the court but most of the stuff worth doing there is already being done by somebody. Yeeagh. I think I'll apply anyway since I can drop out if I hate it and change my thesis to something else later on.

2) I was reading "The Federalist Papers" during my lunchbreak at work the other day, trying to get a better grasp of the original concept of the supreme court after the recent ludicrous decision handed down by it. (I think that anti-sodomy laws can be struck down purely on unreasonable search and seizure, not the penumbra of privacy, since it's pretty unreasonable to search for men having hot man on man sex unless you are looking to participate in such acts, while affirmative action is hardly more of a compelling state interest than slavery was, especially since it does more harm than good to minorities). Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. I thought at a court respect for the constitution and founding fathers and all that shit might be hightened slightly but nope. They are more interested in how to find good bootlegs of "The Hulk" than something as banal as original intent.

3) My personality has me caught in something of a nowhere land. I can get along with people okay but they generally aren't interested in the same things I am, while the people who ARE interested in what I like tend to be, well, a bit snobish and sneerish (I maked up a wordy!) Also my jokes tend to fly over people's heads which is depressing. For example during the graduation I had to get the head of the court's signature on all the certificates, so I went back up to where my boss and Jen were sitting around messing with the frames and said "I got his John Hancocks, now all we have to do is transfer them to the checks!" They looked at me like I had just said "The blue of flypaper does not with gold hued vermin" until I sheepishly admitted it was forgery humor.

4) My cat hates the food I give her but demands it on a daily basis anyway and then barely eats it. I find that odd.
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