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Why did Constantinople get the works? That's nobody's business but the Turks

I have nothing resembling a clue as to what I'm doing at this point. In a few hours I'm supposed to teach a class on MS Access even though I basically have never used the program before. I can probably do it but that's not really the point. I spent all day yesterday goofing off because nobody would give me any work and then they drop this shit in my lap last minute. If I was being paid I might ask for a raise.

I have discovered that I despise the social aspect of work. I got someone mad by teasing them about a MANGO of all things, which is silly by me but not a big deal, however the part that really burns by nutsack is that everybody expects me to be happy all the time. Today I spent mostly pacing and wasting time before having a big project dropped in my lap with approximately zero time available to do it in. Then on the way out someone asked me if I had had a good day. I tried to change the subject on her and then everyone else chimed in with how obvious it was that I liked working there etc... etc...

The truth of the matter is much more of a mixed bag. I enjoy some of the work that I do, like when I get to plan out classroom projects, work with the clients by assisting them with their resumes or other issues, or creatively problems solve. On the other hand I hate the clerical work (duh) the poorly concieved projects by my anti-creative boss, and the constant downtime because the supervisor is always too busy to speak with either myself or Jen AND she does not exactly explain the project well the first time.

I also kind of hate being everyone else's computer bitch (got something you can't do on your machine or a minor problem with it, interrupt whatever Ben's doing so he can figure out on the fly how to make a heirarchy chart in MSword) although it does give me things to do at times and I do enjoy some of the challenges.

The whole not getting paid thing also sort of sucks and I don't like that my downtime has to be spent talking astrology with other bored coworkers, though they are on the whole nice and cool people, and teasing Jerry is always entertaining.

I'm also in another situation where I've been asked to write for an internet gaming site, and I agreed on account of I want more writing practice and I might actually make a (very) few bucks off of it. I also like being the heavy and the innovator during the staff chats. The guys are very disorganized and I've been stepping in and telling everyone that they need to shit or get off the pot. Last night I almost quoted Alec Baldwin's character from Glengarry Glen Ross (You're a good father? FUCK YOU! Go home and play with your kids.) Fun stuff. I'll see how it goes, but I think that I can probably provide them with at least some help, even if the EIC keeps loving my ideas and then claiming he thought of them 3 years ago.

I need to get off my ass and do something about this poli-sci honors thing though. Get an application in damned soon. Why do I always wait? Well this time it's because I don't have a clue what my topic should be and I was too busy this summer to figure it out but still, I should have done this earlier. I'll email someone about it this morning.

Finally it's still WAY too hot in NYC. That's one thing I do really love about being at work. In the middle of the day I am around some high QUALITY air conditioning.
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