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Can't change this feeling I'm way out of touch

I haven't written much lately partially because I've had so much to write about. I might still do that at a later date. My life is still going pretty similar to how it was before although my work situation has worsened if that was possible. At least I found out that I was accepted into the honors program for poli-sci so as a reward I get to write an 80 page thesis on something or other. Maybe I'll write on how this country's fate was sealed as a fading power by the passing of the nineteenth ammendment. I wonder what they'd do with that.

I've given up on the appearance of normalcy. I brought one of my favorite Mensa style puzzle books, Games for the Super Intelligent (by James Fixx) into work and tried to get people to try the puzzles with me. They wanted to talk about clubbing and how one of the best parts of dating is the free food (one girl even made the insulting comment that she felt her company was worth the price of a meal, drinks, or even a broadway play. Apparently she chooses companions whose company is merely a burden to be overcome rather than a joy for her? I don't know how to construct that sentence with proper grammer.) "If you are gathering clothes in the dark and you have a drawer with 20 grey socks and 10 black socks in it how many socks do you need to take to be sure of having at least one matching pair" didn't go over well. Someone guessed 21. This is an ivy league crowd. In direct contrast to that one of my high school friends, Aaron, called me last night and when I was talking to him about this he actually answered one of the puzzles before I had fully stated it. Ahh the joys of shared Dorkdom.

It's just a different world out there. A world where the allure of alcohol is greater than that of sitting down with a piece of paper and a pencil to decipher a phrase encrypted via "telephone" code (each letter is represented by the number that represents it on a phone). A world where the club scene of a city is the primary indicator of the quality of life. A world where Monty Python and the Holy Grail is not a universal language but rather a weird movie someone MIGHT rent on a whim (and they never even heard of the dead parrot sketch!)

It's not that I'm judging people for having different interests than I do (despite what a certain undersized Jew might have you believe) but I just feel disconnected. The things I want to talk about aren't shared and I don't want to talk about wedding dresses or sugar daddies. One of my colleagues told me that I had interesting things to say but she just didn't have the attention span to listen to me launch into the history of the QWERTY keyboard when she wanted to know my typing speed. BAH!

I will write a deeper and longer entry about work soon I think. This weekend probably. I just don't have much time or energy to write. Work takes a lot out of me and sometimes I have less than 2 free hours per day. I am looking forward to school starting again though. Not having to wake up until like 10:00 AM? Sounds heavenly at this point.

P.S. Insomniac with Dave Attell is a show that grows on ya.
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