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I don't need your love, disconnect

I finished my second creative writing piece attached to the website I am volunteering for. This one was a collaboration so it wasn't purely mine but I did come up with the concept and many of the good one liners (my current favorite is "Leiukemia's not going to kill you Timmy. I'm going to kill you" though I am also proud of some of my references). The other, solo, piece is significantly less corny though it's still pure cheese and it's pretty pointless since nobody is going to read a 5,000 word story they stumble across on the web, but writing is writing is writing.

I have my last week of "work" this week. They don't give me anything to do but they still want me to come in 9-5 for free. That was one of the strangest requests I've ever had. "No Ben we don't find you particularly useful as an intern but why don't you continue to come in anyway in order to....oh well no need to end that sentence! See you monday."

Fuck em. I already showed my disgust by, when at the final intern lunch when Angela said "Think about how much you've done for us this summer and order whatever you like!" I ordered a single unsweetened Iced Tea, drank half of it, and offered to pay my share of the meal.

I helped hold their precious Job training program together while they searched for a replacement for Onaje [the Jew hater] and they chucked me aside after they found said replacement and yet they still want my free labor despite the fact that I haven't done anything more interesting than photocopying for the last two weeks?

For the rest of the summer I plan to focus on prepping for my honors program (At least there's SOMETHING challenging in my immediate future, and I get to drop the mass media classes which apparently count as a character flaw for anyone who even registers for them let alone tries to actually take one.) and playing with me new weight bench, as well as maybe writing more for the website and even mapping out the latest novel to enter my head. That's in addition to heading up to the lake. Fun times, fun times.

It's hot and I'm sweating insanely. There's a ripped up Futon sitting in my Foyer. Some girl from my summer camp back in 1998! emailed me with "Looking for Ben *last name censored*" and has apparently been trying to reach me. One of the advantages to being a virgin who has never actually been allowed within fifty yards (SCREW YOU METRIC SYSTEM) of a fertile female is that you know that when females from the past try to contact you it is not because they believe you to be their baby's daddy. I tried emailing back but the address was no good. If there's anything stranger than people from your past contacting you it must be the "I need to speak to you" sent from the bad email address, it's happened to me several times now and it throws me through a loop each.
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